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Round 2 Begins – Final Player Tally

March 24th, 2012

Round 2 of this massive event has just begun.

With any tournament, rounds can go overtime if there’s an unresolved Match, a dispute over who won, or if one of the Duelists just disappears and can’t be found (probably off trading, getting a token made, or trying to find a snack!).

The bigger the tournament, the bigger the odds are of ONE person doing any of these things. And all it takes is just one person to delay the entire tournament.

The final tally today is 4,364 partcipants. Some of the stragglers couldn’t even get fit in until after Round 1 had already started!


Let’s all send some cooperative vibes in the direction of Long Beach. With that many players, everyone will have to cooperate to make sure the tournament proceeds in a timely fashion. (In other words: No disappearing!)