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Swiss Rounds Ended – Top 64 to Soon Begin

March 25th, 2012

Twelve grueling rounds of Swiss Pair play have now concluded. The meat grinder has reduced over 4,000 Duelists to just 64. Once results are finalized, the single elimination rounds will begin:

First the Top 64

Then the Top 32 from that

Then the Top 16 from that

Then the Top 8

Then the Semi-Finals (Top 4)

And then the final round!

We’re still 6 rounds away from the end of this gargantuan tournament – the biggest in history!


Meanwhile, Sunday’s Dragon Duel event is currently in Round 1. We’ll also bring you highlights from the Dragon Duel, as they compete for another Blood Mefist prize card, Game Mats, and invitations to the Dragon Duel World Championship Qualifier.


Finally, the Public Events Playoffs will soon award 2 more Blood Mefist prize cards, as 2 extra Top 4 bonus events will occur. One will have 4 attendees chosen completely at random, while the other will be chosen based on the number of Public Events each Duelist has attended this weekend.