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Top 16 Feature Match: Angel Ascencio vs. Michael Lux

March 26th, 2012

The biggest TCG tournament in the history of the world is rapidly shrinking, and only sixteen Duelists remain! This Match will see Michael Lux and Angel Ascencio duke it out in a Dino Rabbit mirror match. This one could be a long, drawn-out slugfest, or it could be incredibly quick – we were about to find out.


Duel One

Lux opened the Match with a hand of Heavy Storm, Solemn Judgment, Forbidden Lance, Fiendish Chain, Maxx “C”, and Jurrac Guaiba. He Set Chain.

Ascencio Summoned Tour Guide from the Underworld, and Lux responded by activating Fiendish Chain to try and negate her effect. Ascencio Chained Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy the Chain, but Lux Chained his Maxx “C”! Ascencio Special Summoned Sangan, and Lux drew Book of Moon. Tour Guide and Sangan each made a direct attack, for a total of 2000 Battle Damage. Ascencio Set a card to his back row.

Lux drew Pot of Avarice. He Summoned Jurrac Guaiba, then attacked Tour Guide; Ascencio responded with Fiendish Chain. Lux chained Forbidden Lance on Guaiba, then Chained Book of Moon to turn Tour Guide face-down; Guaiba destroyed her, and Lux Special Summoned another! In Main Phase 2, Lux stacked his Guaibas to Xyz Summon Evolzar Laggia, then Set Solemn Judgment.

Ascencio turned Sangan to Defense Position, and Set a monster.

Lux drew another Forbidden Lance. He attacked Ascencio’s Set Sabersaurus with Laggia, then Set Lance.

Ascencio pondered his options for a moment, shuffling the four cards in his hand back and forth before passing.

Lux drew Mystical Space Typhoon and Set it, passing, not wanting to give Ascencio his Sangan search by attacking.

Ascencio turned Sangan to Attack Position, and rammed it into Laggia to go search Rescue Rabbit from his Deck. He tried to Normal Summon it, but Lux negated the attempt with Laggia. Ascencio flipped his Set Heavy Storm next, but Lux negated it with Solemn Judgment. Ascencio pressed on, Special Summoning back the Rabbit with Monster Reborn! He banished the Rabbit to Special Summon two Sabersaurus, then stacked them to Xyz Summon Number 39: Utopia.

Lux Set Heavy Storm.

Ascencio attacked Laggia, and Lux flipped Forbidden Lance to take down Utopia in battle. Ascencio Set a single card to his back row, then activated Pot b Avarice, returning two Sabersaurus, Sangan, Tour Guide, and Utopia to his Deck to draw two cards. He Set a monster, then Set another Spell or Trap; Lux blasted the fresh Set with Mystical Space Typhoon; Mirror Force.

Lux drew Mind Control, holding Sabersaurus and Pot of Avarice. Lux attacked, destroying another Set Sabersaurus from Ascencio!

Ascencio drew to three cards in hand, and Normal Summoned Jurrac Guaiba. He attacked with it, then activated Forbidden Lance to destroy Laggia! Guaiba’s effect let him Special Summon another Guaiba from his Deck, and he stacked them to Xyz Summon Laggia in Main Phase 2. The tables had turned!

Lux drew another Mystical Space Typhoon, and flipped his Heavy Storm to destroy Ascencio’s Torrential Tribute and face-up Fiendish Chain. Lux Set Kabazauls, Mind Control, and Mystical Space Typhoon.

Ascencio Summoned Tour Guide from the Underworld, Special Summoning Sangan from his Deck to Xyz Summon Leviair the Sea Dragon! He detached to Special Summon his banished Rescue Rabbit, then banished it again to Special Summon a pair of Kabazauls. He stacked them for a second Laggia, then attacked Lux’s face-down Kabazauls with it. In response, Lux Typhoon’d his own Mind Control, trying to bluff as if he had Gorz the Emissary of Darkness! But Ascencio had the answer to the non-existent threat anyways! As soon as Ascencio pitched Maxx “C” to the Graveyard, it became evident that Lux’s bluff was not going to save him; even if he did have the Gorz, Ascencio was equipped to swing into it anyways, and the second Laggia and Leviair struck for victory!

A valiant effort at a big bluff falls just a bit short for Michael Lux, as Angel Ascencio fights his way back from a bleak early game, to dominate the mid and late game! One more like that and Ascencio would be headed to a cushy seat in the Top 8!


Duel Two

Lux started Duel 2 with Solemn Warning, Rescue Rabbit, Spirit Reaper, Solemn Judgment, Kabazauls, and Snowman Eater. He Summoned Rabbit, banished it for two Kabazauls, and stacked them to Xyz Summon Evolzar Laggia. He Set Warning and Judgment, a very strong opening.

…And then Ascencio tore it apart. Ascencio activated Heavy Storm, and Lux negated it with Laggia’s effect. Ascencio targeted Laggia with Forbidden Lance, and Lux negated it with Solemn Judgment. Ascencio tried to Summon Tour Guide from the Underworld, and Lux dropped to 2000 Life Points to negate that too! Ascencio passed with a bare field.

Lux drew Pot of Avarice! Now it was Lux who had to worry about Gorz; “I know it’s coming… I know it’s coming… I know it’s coming… No guts no glory.” Lux Summoned Spirit Reaper, attacked with it, and sure enough Ascencio had Gorz! He Special Summoned it, then discarded Solemn Warning to Reaper’s effect. Laggia destroyed the Emissary of Darkness Token, but moments later Ascencio attacked over Spirit Reaper with Gorz to knock Lux out of the tournament.

Lux grinned, and offered the handshake; “Hey, at least I get to make my flight now!” Ascencio smiled back and accepted the handshake.

Angel Ascencio is headed to the Top 8!