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Attack of the Giant Card!! Winner – Saturday

April 29th, 2012

We’re here with Matthew White, winner of a GIANT Tour Bus From the Underworld! We saw Matthew at Table 1 in our Round 1 Round-Up, where he unfortunately suffered a loss with his Dino-Rabbit deck. He seems to be in good spirits now, though! Here he is with his new gigantic motorized Fiend!

Saturday Giant Card

What Deck were you using?
Wind-Ups! With Instant Fusion!

What made you decide to change Decks?
Few people main Maxx “C” anymore, because lots of people are playing HEROes. Wind-Ups are much less affected by Effect Veiler, and I can do the hand loop early in the Duel.

What Decks did you play against to win?
Chain Burn, Ninjas, Chaos Dragons, and Rabbit.

Congratulations once again to Matthew Terrell White! There’s still a GIANT Inzektor Giga-Mantis up for grabs tomorrow, too!