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Final Round Feature Match: Aaron Noel versus Daniel Nunnally (both Dino-Rabbit)

April 30th, 2012

After fifteen rounds of play, the final match was a Dino-Rabbit mirror match! Aaron Noel had piloted his Deck past Simon Yip’s Chaos Dragons in the semi-finals, while Daniel Nunnally took down Billy Brake and his Inzektor Deck. After two grueling days, the final match was here!


Duel One

Noel won the dice roll and started with a Set monster and 3 back row cards.

Nunnally opened with 2 Tour Guides From the Underworld, Monster Reborn, Mystical Space Typhoon, and Smashing Ground. He drew Rescue Rabbit! He summoned the Rabbit, and banished it for its effect. In response, Nunnally use Typhoon to destroy Noel’s Forbidden Lance. Nunnally summoned 2 Kabazauls with Rabbit’s effect. He attacked with one, destroying Noel’s Sangan. Sangan searched out Rescue Rabbit. The second Kabazauls attacked directly, and in Main Phase 2 both were combined for Evolzar Laggia. Noel negated Laggia’s summon with Solemn Judgment! Nunnally ended with an open field.

Noel summoned his Rescue Rabbit, and banished it to summon 2 of his own Kabazauls. Those were used to Xyz Summon Evolzar Dolkka. It attacked for 2300 damage, and Noel ended his turn.

Nunnally drew Pot of Avarice. Smashing Ground destroyed Dolkka, then Tour Guide From the Underworld brought Sangan into play. Both monsters were combined for Leviair the Sea Dragon, which brought back Rescue Rabbit! That brought 2 Sabersauri into play, and Noel dove for his Side Deck!

Nunnally takes Duel 1! When Nunnally left himself open, it made Noel expect a Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, so he brought out Evolzar Dolkka instead of Evolzar Laggia. That allowed Nunnally to use Smashing Ground to clear the way for his attacks.


Finals - Nunnally

Duel Two

Noel started Duel 2 with Tour Guide From the Underworld, which brought Sangan along with it, in attack position. He Set 2 back row cards.

Nunnally had 2 Tour Guides From the Underworld, Kabazauls, Forbidden Lance, and Solemn Warning. He drew his third Tour Guide! He Normal Summoned Kabazauls, attacked Noel’s Tour Guide, then Set Lance and Warning.

Noel Normal Summoned Sabersaurus, and Nunnally negated its summon with Warning. Sangan went to defense position.

Nunnally drew Rescue Rabbit! He Normal Summoned it and banished it for its effect, bringing 2 more Kabazauls into play. Noel used his Torrential Tribute now, destroying everying! Noel’s Sangan added Tour Guide to his hand.

On his own turn, Noel blew away Forbidden Lance with Mystical Space Typhoon. Rescue Rabbit hit the field, then left right away to bring in 2 Sabersauri. They each attacked directly for a total of 3800 damage. In Main Phase 2, they were used to summon Evolzar Laggia.

Nunnally drew Mystical Space Typhoon. When he played it and Laggia didn’t negate it, it was all over. He summoned the first of his Tour Guides, and Laggia negated it, sealing the Duel for Noel!

Noel evens the score while Nunnally draws all his Tour Guides!


Finals - Noel

Duel Three

Nunnally opened with Sabersaurus, Kabazauls, Smashing Ground, Bottomless Trap Hole, Forbidden Lance, and Effect Veiler. He summoned Kabazauls, then Set Bottomless and Lance.

Noel summoned Sabersaurus, and it was destroyed when it attacked Kabazauls, thanks to some help from Forbidden Lance. In Main Phase 2, Smashing Ground took down Kabazauls. Noel Set one back row card.

Nunnally drew Heavy Storm! He Normal Summoned Sabersaurus and attacked directly.

Noel only Set a monster.

Nunnally drew Rescue Rabbit, Normal Summoned it, then banished it to summon 2 Kabazauls. Those were used to Xyz Summon Evolzar Laggia. Laggia attacked Noel’s Set Snowman Eater, and they destroyed each other. Sabersaurus attacked directly.

Noel Set a monster again.

Nunnally’s Sabersaurus attacked and it was another Snowman Eater. It destroyed Sabersaurus, and Smashing Ground took out Snowman Eater in Main Phase 2.

Noel activated Heavy Storm to clear the field! His own Fiendish Chain was destroyed, along with Nunnally’s Bottomless Trap Hole. Noel followed up with Rescue Rabbit, but Nunnally used Effect Veiler to stop it!

Nunnally drew Spirit Reaper, Summoned it, and attacked Rabbit. Both monsters had 300 ATK, but Reaper survived due to its effect.

Noel Normal Summoned Kabazauls, and attacked Reaper.

Nunnally drew and Normal Summoned Jurrac Guaiba! It crashed into Kabazauls, destroying both monsters. Guiba’s effect got another Guiba to the field. Spirit Reaper knocked Sabersaurus out of Noel’s hand. Nunnally Set Heavy Storm in Main Phase 2.

Noel used Pot of Avarice returning 2 Sabersauri, 2 Snowman Eater, and a Rescue Rabbit to his deck to draw 2 cards. He activated Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Heavy Storm, then he Set a monster and a back row card.

Nunnally drew Tour Guide From the Underworld. Reaper went to defense position and Nunnally attacked with Guiba, into Snowman Eater! It destroyed Guiba. In Main Phase 2, Tour Guide was Normal Summoned to bring another copy to the field, and they were used to Xyz Summon Leviair the Sea Dragon. That brought Nunnally’s Rescue Rabbit back into play, but it left right away to bring out 2 Sabersauri. They were used to Xyz Summon Evolzar Laggia, and Nunnally ended his turn.

Noel drew and Set another back row card.

Nunnally drew Snowman Eater. He attacked Noel’s Snowman Eater with Laggia, and in response to the attack Noel activated Forbidden Lance. When Laggia tried to negate it, Noel Chained Dimensional Prison to banish it! Nunnally Normal Summoned Snowman Eater in Main Phase 2, combining it with Reaper for Number 17: Leviathan Dragon. He detached Snowman Eater to boost Leviathan’s ATK and ended.

Noel drew, holding one card and a face-up Snowman Eater. He Normal Summoned that one last card: Tour Guide From the Underworld! It brought out Sangan. Snowman Eater and Tour Guide were overlayed for Leviair, and that brought back Rescue Rabbit. That in turn brought out 2 Kabazauls, which were overlayed for Maestroke the Symphony Djinn! Maestroke detached a material and turned Leviathan face-down! Maestroke then crashed into Leviair, detaching a material to save itself! Leviair took out Leviathan Dragon, and Sangan attacked directly.

Nunnally looked at his last card, and conceded the match and the tournament!


Aaron Noel is your newest YCS Champion, using Maestroke the Symphony Djinn to finish off the tournament!