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QQ: “And then I’m going to DESTROY THE WORLD!!!”

April 30th, 2012

Many villains have menaced the world throughout the several Yu-Gi-Oh! TV series.

One fateful day, in the land of imagination, those villains crossed paths!

It’s a master villain 3-way free-for-all Duel! Who wins: Marik, Sartorius, or Rex Goodwin?


Hector Heras: “Marik”

Brandon T. Smith: “Marik is the best villain ever. Also, his millennium item will banish the other guys.”

Noah Young: “Marik, original villain for the win!!!”

Jeff Jones: “Marik. He’s so evil it’s sexy.”

Audrey Tan: “Marik, hands down. The original of the villains.”

Dale Bellido: “Rex”

Leonel Vargas: “Marik, no question!”

Josh Aldrich: “Rex Goodwin. He’d play Dino Rabbit.” [Aren’t you thinking of Rex Raptor?]

Danny McNally: “Marik”

Glenn Robinson: “Marik!”

Jason Rust: “Marik – Mind Crushery LOL”

Brett Smith: “Marik”

Matt Coshida: “Goodwin all day. No one else has a robotic arm.”

Conor Salinas: “Marik. Hands down.”

Anthony Martinee: “Marik, he would smash even our meta.”

Patrick Larkin “Marik, Mind Crushery!”

Ramiro WhatIsYourLastName: “Marik”

Adrian IHaveNoClue: “Marik”


Marik wins in a landslide victory! Apparently no one can handle his ‘Mind Crushery’. We are, of course, of the opinion that Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World is the ultimate villain, but he wasn’t part of the question… [OK, we said it! Can we go home noAAHHGGHH]