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QQ: Anticipated card in Galactic Overlord?

April 29th, 2012


QQ stands for Quick Questions! This weekend is the Galactic Overlord sneak peek all across the country. There will also be a sneak peek here in the hall today. So we asked: What cards out of Galactic Overlord are you most excited about?


Patrick Larkin: “Hieratic Dragons.”

Anthony James Martinez: “Inzektor Ladybug.”

Conor Salinas: “Definitely Flame Tiger. I will be making a deck with that card upon release.”

Matt Coshida: “Inzektor Ladybug and Inzektor Exa-Stag.”

Jason Rust: “Anything fun.”

Glenn Robinson: “Evo-Diversity, Reinforcement of the Army for Evols sounds pretty good!”

Danny McNally: “Cardcar D, Inzektor Ladybug.”

Josh Aldrich: “Cardcar D.”

Leonel Vargas: “Cardcar D, Hieratic Dragon King of Atum, and Photon Strike Bounzer.”

Dale Bellido: “Photon Strike Bounzer.”

Hector Heras: “The new dragons.”

Jeff Jones: “Photon Strike Bounzer.”

Noah Young: “All of the Hieratics & Cardcar D.”

Brandon T. Smith: “Cardcar D.”

Cardcar D is the popular choice, right next to Hieratics. There are a lot of things for everyone to look forward to though, with new Inzektor and Photon cards, and much more.