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QQ: Did you change your Deck since Wednesday?

April 29th, 2012

QQ stands for Quick Questions! Since the rules clarification on Wednesday, did you make any last minute changes to your Deck? What did you change?


Hector Heras: “Added a third Effect Veiler and the Side Deck changed a lot.”

Audrey Tan: “Not in my Side Deck, but definitely in my main deck because I now main Effect Veiler (x2).”

Dale Bellido: “YES, EVERYTHING”

Leonel Vargas: “No, but I had to be more aware of decks affected by the change, and the increased expectancy of cards like Effect Veiler, Bottomless Trap Hole, and Chain Disappearance.”

Josh Aldrich: “Yes. I switched from Rabbit to Inzektors.”

Jason Rust: “No.”

Matt Coshida: “Three Veilers! I was probably going to play them already, but the rules change made me 100% sure.”

Patrick Larkin: “No real changes aside from siding more monster hate – Normal Traps.”


While some Duelists don’t seem too worried about the change, the majority have made some modifications. Cards like Effect Veiler or Compulsory Evacuation Device are now even more powerful, since they can stop powerful monsters like Rescue Rabbit or Leviair the Sea Dragon before they can use their effects. Effect Veiler seems to be the most popular addition, and some people have completely changed their Decks because of this update!