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QQ: What Deck Do You Think Will Win This Weekend?

April 14th, 2012

QQ stands for Quick Questions! Everyone is taking a guess at which Deck will win this weekend, but no one can be sure. I surveyed this weekend’s Duelists to see which Deck they think will come out on top. See what they said!

“Inzektor.” –Houston Carter, Age 19

“A good one.” –Josh Carter, Age 20

“Infernity.” –Elijah Peyton, Age 18

“Inzektors! Inzektors! Inzektors!” –Diorrius Smith, Age 19

“Dino Rabbit.” –Justin Crofton, Age 21

“Dark World.” –Raymond Litman, Age 19

“Dino Rabbit.” –David San-Soucie, Age 20

Inzektor.” –Maufrend Ruiz, Age 20

“Inzektors (me).” –Cameren Cuellar, Age 25

“Dino Rabbit.” –Duy Nguyen, Age 21

“Inzektor.” –Christopher Ray, Age 23

“Gladiator Beasts.” –Illegible name, Age 17

“HEROes.” –Kamean Dickenson, Age 19

“Either Inzektors or something random again.” –Michael Beurnes, Age 21

“HEROes or Inzektors.” –Kelly Benjamin, Age 20

“Inzektors.” –Alan Rowe, Age 23

“Mine.” –Michael Briggs, Age 13

“It’s difficult to say. A bunch of top players are running a variety of Decks… I personally think Wind-Ups are the most consistent but in reality it’s anyone’s game.” –Louis Ariki, Age 25

“HEROes.” –Antonio Dozzetti, Age 19

“Dino Rabbit.” –Robert Teer, Age 21