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QQ: What GIANT CARD would you like to see ATTACK!!?

April 15th, 2012

QQ stands for Quick Questions! One of the coolest Public Events at every YCS event is the ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARDS!! event. In it, Duelists compete for a gigantic copy of a pre-selected card. This weekend, the 2 giant cards available for Duelists to win are Tour Bus From the Underworld and Inzektor Giga-Mantis. I surveyed this weekend’s competitors to see which cards they would like to compete for in the ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! Public Events. See what they said!

“Inzektor Hornet.” –Houston Carter, Age 19

“Blue-Eyes.” –Josh Carter, Age 20

“Thought Ruler Archfiend.” –Elijah Peyton, Age 18

“Hornet or Dolkka.” –Justin Crofton, Age 21

“Tour Guide From the Underworld.” –Raymond Litman, Age 19

“Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon.” –David San-Soucie, Age 20

“Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon.” –Maufrend Ruiz, Age 20

Blue-Eyes White Dragon!!!!” –Cameren Cuellar, Age 25

“Dark Armed Dragon.” –Duy Nguyen, Age 21

“Grapha.” –Christopher Ray, Age 23

“Shapesnatch.” –Illegible name, Age 17

“Gyzarus.” –Kamean Dickenson, Age 19

“Dark Magician Girl.” –Michael Beurnes, Age 21

“Elemental HERO Stratos.” –Kelly Benjamin, Age 20

“Elemental HERO The Shining.” –Alan Rowe, Age 23

“Blood Mefist.” –Michael Briggs, Age 13

“Cards in the original series that have never been released. I want the Valkyrie monsters. Especially Valkyrie Brunhilda.” –Louis Ariki, Age 25

“Goyo Guardian.” –Antonio Dozzetti, Age 19

“Elemental HERO The Shining.” –Robert Teer, Age 21

“Inzektor Hornet.” –Hector Garcia, Age 19