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QQ: What if you could make 1 card from TV real?

April 28th, 2012

QQ stands for Quick Questions! To kick off our questioning this weekend, we asked a Quick Question we’ve been tossing around ourselves, lately: If you could take 1 card from the TV show that has never been printed as an actual card, and get it printed, what card would you choose?

Here are some of the responses we got!


Noah Young: “Seal of Orichalcos without a doubt.”

Brandon T. Smith: “Ragnarok.”

Hector Heras: “Seal of Orichalcos.”

Jeff Jones: “Harpie Lady Phoenix Formation!”

Audrey Tan: “They’ve already printed my favorite card – Injection Fairy Lily!

Josh Aldrich: “That stone Jaden used!”

Danny McNally: “Card of Demise.”

Glenn Robinson: “Kuribabylon!”

Jason Rust: “Card of Demise – The one Kaiba used to draw 5.”

Brett Smith: “Flipping the Table!”

Matt Coshida: “Chaos End Ruler – Envoy of the Beginning and End. That’s the full name, right?”

Conor Salinas: “Seal of Orichalcos.”

Patrick Larkin: “Flipping the Table.”


The Seal of Orichalcos seems to be the popular choice! It’s a bit scary to imagine what it’d be like if everybody had their own copy of that!