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QQ: Which Millennium Item Would You Want?

April 15th, 2012

QQ stands for Quick Questions! Each of the seven Millennium Items in the original series has a unique power. I surveyed the Duelists in attendance and asked them which Millennium Item (Puzzle, Ring, Eye, Necklace, Rod, Scale, or Key) they would want most if they could have any Millennium Item. Check out their answers!

“The Millennium Puzzle because it turns you into the [best] Duelist.” –Houston Carter, Age 19

“Eye.” –Josh Carter, Age 20

“Millennium Puzzle.” –Elijah Peyton, Age 18

“The one and only Puzzle, baby!” –Diorrius Smith, Age 19

“The Rod. Mind control.” –Justin Crofton, Age 21

“Millennium Puzzle so I could have someone to talk to.” –Raymond Litman, Age 19

“Millennium Rod for mind control.” –David San-Soucie, Age 20

“Millennium Puzzle.” –Maufrend Ruiz, Age 20

“The Millennium Ring, just because Bakura had it.” –Cameren Cuellar, Age 25

“The Eye. So I can see everything.” –Duy Nguyen, Age 21

“Millennium Eye.” –Christopher Ray, Age 23

“Millennium Puzzle because I want to actually win some Duels.” –Illegible name, Age 17

“Key.” –Kamean Dickenson, Age 19

“Millennium Eye so I can see inside my opponent’s mind.” –Michael Beurnes, Age 21

“Millennium Eye because it is broken.” –Kelly Benjamin, Age 20

“Millennium Eye to read my opponent’s mind.” –Alan Rowe, Age 23

“Millennium Ring. Bakura was amazing.” –Donnell Washington, Age 23