Round 5 Round-Up

April 15th, 2012

I gathered up 4 more tables of undefeated Duelists to see how they did in Round 5. Check it out!

At Table 1, Froilan Salvador used his T.G. Stun Deck to defeat Brooks Melancon’s Wind-Up Deck 2-1!

In Duel 1, Salvador kept control of the Duel for a while with Thunder King Rai-Oh, but when Melancon was ready, he activated Smashing Ground to destroy Rai-Oh and swarmed the field with Wind-Ups using Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity to win.

In Duel 2, Melancon used Torrential Tribute when Salvador Summoned T.G. Rush Rhino while Melancon had Tour Bus From the Underworld on the field. Salvador tried to use Solemn Judgment to negate it, but Melancon used his own Solemn Judgment to make sure Torrential resolved! T.G. Rush Rhino was sent from the Graveyard to the Deck with Tour Bus’s effect, and couldn’t retrieve another T.G. monster in the End Phase. But Salvador drew another T.G. Rush Rhino next turn, and with Melancon’s Life Points halved from Solemn Judgment, Rush Rhino made quick work of Melancon.

In Duel 3, Salvador’s Skill Drain shut down Melancon’s plays, while Beast King Barbaros made strong attacks to give Salvador the victory.

At Table 2, Alistar Albans used his Inzektor Deck to defeat Darryle Guillory’s Wind-Ups 2-1!

In Duel 1, Albans used Foolish Burial to send Inzektor Hornet to the Graveyard early on, and Summoned Inzektor Dragonfly to take advantage of it. He used his Hornet to get rid of a Mystical Space Typhoon and Special Summon Centipede with Dragonfly. Then he used his Hornet again to destroy another Mystical Space Typhoon. He Xyz Summoned Leviair the Sea Dragon and used its effect to Special Summon a Centipede that he had banished earlier in the turn with Allure of Darkness. Guillory couldn’t destroy Leviair next turn, and Albans wiped out all of Guillory’s Life Points.

In Duel 2, Guillory managed to pull off the Wind-Up Hunter loop to get rid of Albans’s hand of 3 Inzektor Centipedes. But Albans used Call of the Haunted to Special Summon his Inzektors back from the Graveyard and win the Match.

At Table 3, Jason Holloway’s Lightsworn Deck defeated Alfredo Perez’s Six Samurai Deck 2-0!

In Duel 1, Perez overcame an Effect Veiler that negated his Legendary Six Samurai – Kageki and managed to Synchro Summon Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En. But Holloway found a way to defeat the Shi En. He Summoned Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner to the field and used its effect to Special Summon Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress by discarding Necro Gardna. Perez tried to use Monster Reborn on Necro Gardna next turn, but Holloway Chained Necro Gardna’s effect, banishing it from his Graveyard and stopping Perez’s first attack. Thanks to Necro Gardna’s protection, he was able to save a Lightsworn monster and Tribute Summon Celestia, Lightsworn Angel on his next turn. Celestia’s effect took down Shi En and allowed Holloway to win the first Duel.

In Duel 2, Perez opened up with Gateway of the Six and Six Samurai United, but Holloway’s Maxx “C” prevented Perez from taking full advantage of them on his first turn. Later in the Duel, Holloway Summoned Kinetic Soldier while Perez had Hand of the Six Samurai, Legendary Six Samurai – Kageki, and Naturia Beast on the field. Holloway attacked Naturia Beast with Kinetic Soldier and took some damage in order to Summon Tragoedia. Tragoedia attacked and destroyed Hand, and then Holloway used Tragoedia’s effect to discard the Level 5 Celestia and permanently take control of Naturia Beast. Two turns later, Holloway won by using Beckoning Light to return Judgment Dragon and Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning to his hand, and Summoning them to the field.

At Table 4, Paul Clarke defeated Jercoda White 2-1 in an Inzektor Mirror Match!

In Duel 1, both Duelists were low on monsters and kept drawing and passing their turns. Eventually, Clarke pulled off his Inzektor combos with Inzektor Dragonfly, Inzektor Centipede, Inzektor Sword – Zektkaliber, Inzektor Giga-Mantis, Leviair the Sea Dragon, and a slew of card effects to win the Duel.

In Duel 2, White pushed for damage by using Inzektor Dragonfly to win the Duel.

Duel 3 played out just like the Duel 1. The Duel was off to a slow start, but eventually Clarke was able to exploit the synergy among his Inzektor cards to win the Duel.

Froilan Salvador, Alistar Albans, Jason Holloway, and Paul Clarke are moving on with 5-0 records!