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Saturday Dragon Duel Roundup

April 29th, 2012

Here’s a look at some of the action in the final round of today’s Dragon Duel Tournament.


Table 1: Michael Sakowicz (age 10) vs. Benjamin Leverett (age 11)

Sakowicz started by summoning Elemental HERO Neos Alius, and using Reinforcement of the Army to search out D.D. Warrior Lady. When Sakowicz Set a monster later, Leverett knew to go for Evolzar Dolkka instead of Evolzar Laggia, negating Warrior Lady’s effect. Leverett was able to control the Duel from there.

(Cards like Reinforcement of the Army can be extremely powerful, by helping you get what you need, when you need it. But beware, as it can also reveal what you’ve got in your hand and may give your opponent a chance to play around it.)

In Duel 2, Sakowicz attacked with Elemental HERO Neos Alius into Leverett’s face-down Snowman Eater. Sakowicz wanted to use Super Polymerization to avoid Snowman Eater’s effect, but couldn’t (Only Counter Traps, ATK/DEF modifiers, and monsters’ Quick Effects that negate may be used in the Damage Step). Sakowicz summoned a Beast King Barbaros, and Leverett activated Torrential Tribute. Sakowicz was about to put Barbaros in the Graveyard, but Leverett Chained his own Starlight Road! Stardust Dragon was summoned to the field. Sakowicz fought back with Elemental HERO The Shining, taking Stardust down. When Leverett tried to have Fiendish Chain block The Shining, Super Polymerization fused it with Snowman Eater for Elemental HERO Absolute Zero, which finished the Duel!

Leverett began the final Duel with Wind-Up Zenmaines thanks to some help from Tour Guide From the Underworld. Sakowicz used Super Polymerization to fuse Zenmaines with one of his HEROes, summoning Elemental HERO Nova Master! Fiendish Chain stopped Nova Master in its tracks. Leverett tried to fight back with Rescue Rabbit, summoning 2 Dinosaurs, which then were used to summon Evolzar Laggia, but Sakowicz had another Super Polymerization! He fused his first Nova Master with Laggia for another Nova Master, leaving Fiendish Chain useless on the field. Later in the Duel, Leverett tried to use Mind Control on Elemental HERO Neos Alius, and Sakowicz Chained Gemini Spark, targeting the Mind Control (This was a great move, leaving Fiendish Chain on the field to prevent a possible Gorz the Emissary of Darkness). Sakowicz summoned more HEROes and finished the Match from there.


Table 2: Zachary Leverett (13) vs. Charles Pennington (12)

Pennington started off with Naturia Cliff! Leverett used Heavy Storm to destroy Pennington’s Solemn Judgment and Solemn Warning. Leverett then used Smashing Ground to destroy Cliff, but Pennington simply Summoned another using Cliff’s effect! Leverett commented that he thought Cliff only activated when destroyed by battle, proving that it’s always important to read your opponent’s cards if you are unfamiliar with them! Pennington summoned Number 39: Utopia and Temtempo the Percussion Djinn using several of his Naturia monsters. When Leverett tried to save himself with Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, Pennington took it with Creature Swap, trading him a Cliff! Gorz then took down Cliff, which helped fill Pennington’s field with more Naturias and give him the first win.

Leverett gave out some payback in the next Duel, completely dominating the game with Evolzar Laggia and Wind-Up Zenmaines. Pennington just couldn’t get anything going.

In Duel 3 Leverett summoned Rescue Rabbit with a field of other monsters. Pennington tried to wipe them all away with Torrential Tribute, but Rabbit was spared thanks to Forbidden Lance. Rabbit summoned Dinosaurs, and they in turn were used to summon Evolzar Laggia. Leverett had control with Laggia and Macro Cosmos, but Pennington once again had Creature Swap, this time taking Laggia. He brought out Maestroke the Symphony Djinn alongside it, but Leverett used Torrential Tribute and several other cards to eventually get Maestroke out of the way and win the Match.


Table 4: Lance Bradshaw (11) vs. Jesse Kotton (12)

Kotton had an Evolzar Dolkka capable of stopping Bradshaw’s Inzektor effects. So rather than try to use an effect, Bradshaw summoned Inzektor Centipede and equipped it with 2 (!) copies of Inzektor Sword – Zektaliber! Kotton was able to secure the win, however, with Tour Guide From the Underworld helping to summon Leviair the Sea Dragon, which in turn got Rescue Rabbit. Monster Reborn was added in the mix for good measure.

Duel 2 had Kotton using Jurrac Guiba to summon another, then using them for Evolzar Laggia. Next turn Rescue Rabbit added an Evolzar Dolkka to the field as well, sealing the deal, the Duel, and the Match for Kotton.


A big congratulations are in order for all of our Dragon Duelists today, and good luck in tomorrow’s Dragon Duel tournament!