YCS Dallas Begins!

April 14th, 2012

YCS Dallas

From the Arlington Convention Center in Texas, this is YCS Dallas! Over 1100 Duelists have gathered here this weekend to battle it out in 11 rounds of Swiss to…gr-ARGH…

Duelists! I, Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World, welcome you to Dallas, Texas and the latest YCS event for my Dark World army to conquer! As you all know, I triumphed in the most recent YCS in the United States: YCS Long Beach. Consequently, I have become the ruler of the Dueling world, and I’ve taken the liberty to rename today’s YCS as “YCS Grapha.” When my Dark World army triumphs again, the name of Grapha will be known by all!

And it’s not just fame in the United States that I’m after. I have divided my forces so as to maintain a presence in Europe as well! As we speak, my Dark World forces are fighting in YCS Toulouse. Fighting for the fame and power of the Dark World Army! Victory won’t be easy, with so many enemy Duelists Side Decking to defeat us; but a challenge like this has never stopped us before. The Dark World army never* fails!

*Revisionist history was my best subject in school!