YCS Dallas First Timers!

April 14th, 2012

Welcome to YCS Dallas! There are well over a thousand Duelists in the tournament here today, but not all of them are YCS veterans. Take a look at some of this weekend’s YCS First-Timers!

Davide Vissepo is a 13-years-old local from Flower Mound, Texas competing in his first-ever YCS tournament! He’s using an Elemental HERO Deck in today’s tournament. “I like all cards, but one of my favorites as a kid was Elemental HERO,” he told me. “I collected all of them. Now I play a Deck with them, using new and old cards.” Davide is having a lot of fun with his Elemental HERO Deck, but his favorite thing about being here is being able to interact with other Duelists. He likes “meeting new people with really good cards.” Take a look at Davide holding up the star of his Deck, Rainbow Neos!
Bobby Harris is 15-years-old and traveled here with Davide from Flower Mound, Texas. He’s entering his first YCS with a Dark World / Dragon hybrid Deck featuring Rainbow Dark Dragon and he’s having a great time. “I just like seeing cards, hanging out with new people, and meeting new people,” he told me. Take a look at Bobby holding up the star of his Deck!
Randall Minnick is 12-years-old and came here from Abilene, Texas. “I’ve been to a couple of Regionals before,” he told me. “A lot of them were pretty amazing. Just the number of people that actually show up is surprising the first time you come. The YCS looks like the Regionals in the past, but it’s really cool just being here for the first time. You learn a lot of new things from other people’s Decks, and how to play new cards. You can learn to play your own cards better from the Mirror Match.” Randall is using a Wightmare Deck that uses Skull Servant, King of the Skull Servants, and other Zombies. Even though his favorite card of all time is Naturia Beast, his favorite Skull Servant card is King of the Skull Servants. Take a look at Randall holding up one his most important cards!
Ryan Sheppard is 12-years-old and traveled here from Hurst, Texas to compete in his first YCS! He’s using a Gem Knight Deck in this weekend’s tournament, featuring his favorite Gem Knight, Gem-Knight Ruby. He told me that he’s running Gem Knights because “they’re rare, they’re strong, and I just like them! And my sister has Crystal Beasts, so it kinda goes together.” His favorite part about being here is being able to see “all the different Duelists with all the different Decks.” He told me, “A new combo can come at you out of the blue. There’s always someone better than you – you just never know who it is!” Check out Ryan holding up his Gem-Knight Ruby!
Sam Hargrove is 13-years-old and is a local Dallas Duelist! He competed in a lot of locals and 1 Regional, but has never entered a YCS. He enjoys being here because he gets to hang out with other Duelists that show him just how popular the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME is. He’s not alone in playing it. Sam has been playing since last summer, and he’s using a Chaos Deck in today’s tournament. His boss monster in his Deck is Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning. “It’s a game-changer,” he told me. Take a look at Sam holding up his strongest card!
By the end of the weekend, one Duelist will become the champion of YCS Dallas. Stay with the coverage to see if it’s a first-timer!