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Battle Pack: Epic Dawn, Double Shane Showdown

May 20th, 2012

The battle of the Shanes! It’s Shane Duckworth VS Shane Wise. Both of our Shanes are from Hanover, PA. This is Wise’s first YCS event! They both seemed excited to get into their Duel.

Duckworth started off. His hand had Arcana Force XIV – Temperance, Fortress Warrior, Cybernetic Magician, Twin-Sword Marauder, and Mystical Space Typhoon. He drew Mask of Darkness.

Before the dueling even began, both Duelists had to read their opening hands extensively! There are a lot of unfamiliar cards in Battle Pack: Epic Dawn. After a few moments, Duckworth started off with a set Fortress Warrior, and ended his turn.

Wise summoned Twin-Headed Behemoth! Behemoth attacked, and Fortress Warrior was saved by its effect.

Duckworth drew Beast King Barbaros! He Normal Summoned Twin-Sword Marauder. It attacked Twin-Headed Behemoth, which was revived in attack position with 1000 ATK and DEF at the End Phase.

Wise summoned Shield Warrior. He Xyz Summoned Grenosaurus! Grenosaurus took out Marauder, then detached an Xyz Material to deal 1000 damage!

Duckworth drew Alector, Sovereign of Birds. He tributed Fortress Warrior to summon Cybernetic Magician! It attacked and destroyed Grenosaurus in battle.

Wise Normal Summoned Bazoo the Soul Eater! He banished Grenosaurus, Twin-Headed Behemoth, and Shield Warrior to bring Bazoo to 2500 ATK, but then pushed him to 3500 with Axe of Despair! Cybernetic Magician went down.

Duckworth drew Divine Wrath! He used Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Axe of Despair, then Normal Summoned Beast King Barbaros. He set Wrath and ended his turn, and Bazoo returned to its original ATK.

Wise activated Monster Gate, tributing Bazoo, and summoned Grave Protector in defense position. He then Normal Summoned Luster Dragon, and Xyz Summoned Wind-Up Zenmaister! Zenmaister destroyed Barbaros.

Duckworth drew Creature Swap! He Normal Summoned Mask of Darkness and stole Zenmaister with Creature Swap! Both Duelists, the spectators, and even the judge started laughing! Zenmaister attacked Mask and Duckworth ended his turn.

Wise set a monster dramatically! That was all he had.

Duckworth drew Jurrac Protops. He Normal Summoned it, and had it attack the face-down monster – Cyber Jar! But Divine Wrath was there to negate its effect! Duckworth discarded his Alector for its cost, and Zenmaister attacked directly.

Wise Special Summoned Level Warrior, which became Level 4. He Normal Summoned Phantom of Chaos, and Xyz Summoned another Wind-Up Zenmaister! He pondered his options, and ended his turn.

Duckworth drew Fabled Raven. “Wow, nuts! Too bad I can’t use it.” He crashed the Zenmaisters together, then Jurrac Protops attacked directly.

Wise Set a monster.

Duckworth drew Amazoness Trainee. He summoned it, and it attacked into Shine Knight! Duckworth took 400 damage, and ended his turn.

Wise set a monster.

Duckworth drew Kunai with Chain. “What is this?” he asked aloud, reading it. He had Trainee attack the face-down monster, and Wise flipped Mysterious Guard! Because Wise controlled a Warrior, Mysterious Guard was able to use its full effect.  It returned Amazoness Trainee to the hand, then Jurrac Protops to the top of the deck. Duckworth set Kunai with Chain and ended his turn.

Wise summoned Pitch-Black Warwolf and attacked.

Duckworth drew his Protops again. He summoned it, and when it attacked Warwolf, Wise flipped his own Kunai with Chain! It equipped to Warwolf, pumping it up to 2100 ATK. Duckworth couldn’t use his own Kunai because of Warwolf’s effect, and Protops went down.

Wise summoned Wind-Up Soldier and used its effect to boost itself to 2200. Warwolf attacked, and when Wind-Up Soldier attacked Duckworth used the effect of Arcana Force XIV – Temperance to stay in the Duel!

Duckworth drew Fortress Warrior. He Normal Summoned Amazoness Trainee, equipped it with Kunai with Chain, and attacked Shine Knight, returning it to the bottom of the Deck. Trainee gained 200 ATK, now at 2200 ATK total.

Wise set a monster and moved his other monsters to defense position.
Duckworth drew Guardian Sphinx. He Normal Summoned Fabled Raven. It took down Pitch-Black Warwolf, and Trainee destroyed Wind-Up Soldier, boosting itself to 2400 total ATK.

Wise set a monster.

Duckworth drew Mobius the Frost Monarch. He tributed Raven to Set Guardian Sphinx, and ended his turn.

Wise used Different Dimension Gate! He banished one of his face-down monsters and Amazoness Trainee. Then he Flip Summoned Naturia Strawberry and Normal Summoned Gilasaurus. Wise said he likes to live life on the dangerous side, and he attacked with Strawberry…  into the face-down Sphinx, taking 800 damage.

Duckworth drew Skull Archfiend of Lightning. He flipped his Sphinx face-down, then up again to activate its effect. With a clear field, Guardian Sphinx attacked directly to end the game!

After a grueling first Duel of back and forth, Duckworth finally secures victory!

Wise began with Twin-Headed Behemoth again, and set a back row card.

Duckworth’s opening hand had Toon Gemini Elf, Half or Nothing, Mad Reloader, Fortress Warrior, and Wind-Up Dog. He drew Mobius the Frost Monarch, and set Mad Reloader.

Wise Normal Summoned Gagaga Magician and had it become Level 3. He overlayed his monsters to Xyz Summon Grenosaurus! It attacked Mad Reloader and dealt 1000 damage with its effect. Mad Reloader’s effect let Duckworth trade Wind-Up Dog and Mobius for Amazoness Trainee and Dark Valkyria. Wise set another back row and ended his turn.

Duckworth drew Infected Mail. He Normal Summoned Toon Gemini Elf, and Set Half or Nothing.

Wise attacked Toon Gemini Elf, and Duckworth used Half or Nothing. Wise chose to end the Battle Phase, then Normal Summoned Chainsaw Insect in Main Phase 2.

Duckworth drew Windstorm of Etaqua! He Normal Summoned Dark Valkyria, then overlayed his monsters to Xyz Summon Gem-Knight Pearl! (It was a very nice looking Starfoil version, by the way) Pearl attacked Grenosaurus, and Wise activated Interdimensional Matter Transporter to banish Grenosaurus temporarily. Pearl attacked Chainsaw Insect instead, and Duckworth drew Alector, Sovereign of Birds from Chainsaw Insect’s effect. Duckworth set Windstorm of Etaqua and ended his turn.

Wise activated Fissure! Pearl went down, and Grenosaurus attacked directly. Wise set a monster and ended.

Wise mused his possible next move for a while, then Normal Summoned Slate Warrior. Grenosaurus attacked, and Duckworth changed Wise’s monsters to defense position with Windstorm of Etaqua.

Duckworth drew Skull Archfiend of Lightning! He tributed his Fortress Warrior to summon Skull Archfiend, and it took down Slate Warrior. Slate Warrior dropped Skull Archfiend to 2000 ATK thanks to Slate Warrior’s effect.

Wise changed Grenosaurus to attack position, Flip Summoned Gogogo Golem, and Normal Summoned Phantom of Chaos. Then he activated Autonomous Action Unit to steal Gem-Knight Pearl! He Xyz Summoned Wind-Up Zenmaister, and rushed with all his monsters to seal the Duel!

We are moving on to a third Duel!

Duckworth chose to go first. He opened with Windstorm of Etaqua, Gene-Warped Warwolf, Shadow Spell, Magic Cylinder, Fabled Raven, and Beast King Barbaros. He set Cylinder, Normal Summoned Raven, and ended his turn.

Wise had a Fabled of his own, Fabled Ashenveil! He attacked Raven with Ashenveil, and Duckworth used Magic Cylinder to negate the attack and deal 1600 damage. Wise set two back row cards.

Duckworth drew Makyura the Destructor! He Normal Summoned Gene-Warped Warwolf. Warwolf attacked, and Duckworth realized that he hadn’t read Ashenveil closely enough! Wise sent Grave Protector to the Graveyard to boost Ashenveil to 2200 ATK, winning the battle. Duckworth Set Shadow Spell and Windstorm of Etaqua.

Wise Normal Summoned Slate Warrior, and Duckworth switched both monsters to defense position with Windstorm. Wise switched Ashenveil back to attack position and ended his turn.

Duckworth drew Wind-Up Dog, and Normal Summoned Beast King Barbaros. Fabled Raven took down Slate Warrior, which in turn lowered Raven’s ATK. Duckworth flipped Shadow Spell targeting Ashenveil, but when Barbaros attacked it Wise used Windstorm of Etaqua to put Duckworth’s monsters in defense position.

Wise Normal Summoned Helping Robo for Combat! Helping Robo destroyed Barbaros, and its effect let Wise draw a new card, then put a card from his hand on the bottom of his deck.

Duckworth drew Cloudian – Poison Cloud. He summoned Wind-Up Dog. Raven discarded Poison Cloud to become Level 3, then he Xyz Summoned Number 17: Leviathan Dragon! Leviathan Dragon detached Raven to gain 500 ATK, and it attacked Helping Robo only for Wise to activate Power Frame! The attack was negated and Helping Robo went to 2500 ATK.

Wise tributed his Ashenveil for Cybernetic Magician, then discarded Worm Barses to make Leviathan Dragon become 2000 ATK with Magician’s effect! His monsters attacked to destroy Leviathan and hit Duckworth directly.

Duckworth drew Machina Fortress, and set Makyura.

Wise summoned Bazoo the Soul-Eater! He used its effect, banishing three cards to go to 2500 ATK! Wise destroyed Makyura with Helping Robo, then hit Duckworth directly with Bazoo and Cybernetic Magician, dropping him to 100 Life Points.

Duckworth drew Twin-Sword Marauder and conceded, unable to deal with the combined powers of Helping Robo for Combat, Bazoo, and Cybernetic Magician!