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Battle Pack Finale: Justin A. vs David Kalendek

May 21st, 2012

This is the very last Battle Pack Public Event of the day! Justin traveled all the way from Montreal, Quebec. David came up from Bel Air, Maryland. This very last Match should live up to the name of Epic Dawn!

Justin played first, with a Set back row card.

Kalendek had Amazoness Sage, Gravitic Orb, Des Mosquito, Horn of the Unicorn, and Nightmare Wheel. He drew Charcoal Inpachi. He summoned and attacked with Amazoness Sage, destroying Mystical Space Typhoon! He Set Nightmare Wheel and ended his turn.

Justin Set a monster.

Kalendek drew Cloudian – Poison Cloud. He Normal Summoned Des Mosquito, and added two counters to it. It attacked Fortress Warrior, which survived by its effect, and Amazoness Sage finished it off.

Justin activated Raigeki! He summoned Injection Fairy Lily and tried to deal some damage, but its attack was blocked by Nightmare Wheel.

Kalendek drew Power Giant. Nightmare Wheel did 500 damage, and he Set Charcoal Inpachi.

Justin activated Autonomous Action Unit, swiping Kalendek’s Amazoness Sage! Then, he used Shield Crush to wipe out Charcoal Inpachi! Finally, he Normal Summoned Jurrac Protops. Amazoness Sage attacked, destroying Nightmare Wheel! Now free, Injection Fairy Lily attacked directly and used its effect to hit for 3400! Protops hit last, then in Main Phase 2, Protops and Sage were used to Xyz Summon Gem-Knight Pearl!

Kalendek drew Twin-Barrel Dragon. He Set Gravitic Orb and ended his turn.

Justin tributed Lily for Dark Ruler Ha Des! It attacked and negated Gravitic Orb’s effect, and Pearl attacked directly for the win!

Kalendek said he was unsure if he should risk summoning Twin-Barrel Dragon to try for its effect, or try to survive a turn with Gravitic Orb’s effect. He hadn’t wanted to risk it all on some coin flips, but it looks like taking the risk might have been better after all!

Kalendek started with Injection Fairy Lily, King Tiger Wanghu, Ambitious Gofer, Nightmare Wheel, Ape Fighter, and Axe of Despair. He Set Nightmare Wheel and Normal Summoned Wanghu.

Justin Normal Summoned Dark Valkyria, but Nightmare Wheel stopped its attack. In Main Phase 2, Justin used a combo of Fissure and Autonomous Action unit to take Wanghu!

Kalendek drew Enemy Controller, and dealt 500 damage with Nightmare Wheel. He summoned Ape Fighter and took down Valkyria, and Justin kept it around with Hedge Guard! Kalendek Set Enemy Controller.

Justin Normal Summoned his on-field Dark Valkyria, giving it a Spell Counter. He used its effect right away, destroying Ape Fighter. King Tiger Wanghu attacked directly, and Justin ended his turn.

Kalendek drew Voltic Kong (More apes…). Nightmare Wheel did another 500 damage, and Kalendek summoned Voltic Kong. It attacked Wanghu, then sent Jurrac Protops to the Graveyard with its effect.

Justin Normal Summoned Amazoness Trainee, and used it with Dark Valkyria to Xyz Summon Gem-Knight Pearl! Kalendek blocked Pearl’s attack with Enemy Controller.

Kalendek drew Harpie’s Feather Duster! He Normal Summoned Injection Fairy Lily and equipped Voltic Kong with Axe of Despair. Kong took out Pearl, and Lily attacked directly and pumped with its effect to deal 3400 damage!

Justin summoned Vortex Trooper and used its effect to trade two cards from his hand for two new draws, but when he saw his new hand he conceded, unable to deal with Kalendek’s powerful monsters.

Justin will be starting off Duel 3! He began with a Set monster.

Kalendek’s hand for the final game was Prideful Roar, Bazoo the Soul-Eater, Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter, Gilasaurus, and Horn of the Unicorn. He drew United We Stand. He Special Summoned Gilasaurus, equipped it with Horn of the Unicorn, and it attacked Justin’s face-down Shield Warrior. Kalendek Set his Prideful Roar and ended his turn.

Justin Normal Summoned Goblindbergh and its effect brought Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite to the field as well. He Xyz Summoned Gem-Knight Pearl, and it attacked Gilasaurus. During the Damage Step, Kalendek activated Prideful Roar! He paid 500 Life Points to win the battle! Justin ended with no other plays.

Kalendek drew Fortress Warrior. Gilasaurus attacked, and Kalendek Set Ryko.

Justin activated Raigeki! Horn of the Unicorn returned to the top of Kalendek’s deck. Justin continued by Normal Summoning Injection Fairy Lily! He attacked directly and paid 2000 Life Points to deal 3400 damage. He Set one back row card.

Kalendek drew his Horn of the Unicorn again. He thought for a while before he Normal Summoned Bazoo the Soul-Eater. He activated its effect, banishing Gilasaurus and Ryko to put it to 2200 ATK. Then equipped Bazoo with Horn of the Unicorn and United We Stand! It went up to a total of 3700 ATK! Kalendek entered his Battle Phase. Bazoo attacked Injection Fairy Lily, and Justin used both Lily’s and Shield Warrior’s effects. He paid 2000 Life Points for Lily’s effect, then took 300 battle damage, but Lily survived thanks to Shield Warrior.

Justin Set a monster and another back row card. Lily went to defense position.

Kalendek drew his own Injection Fairy Lily! Bazoo took down Lily and he Set Fortress Warrior.

Justin Set a monster.

Kalendek drew and Normal Summoned Giant Soldier of Stone… but Justin negated the summon with Solemn Judgment! This has probably never happened before! Bazoo took out Level Warrior.

Justin activated Fissure to finally destroy Bazoo.  Horn of the Unicorn once again returned to the top of the deck. He tributed his face-down Gene-Warped Warwolf for Dark Ruler Ha Des! It attacked Fortress Warrior, which survived with its effect.

Kalendek drew Horn of the Unicorn again. He Normal Summoned Injection Fairy Lily, and it attacked Ha Des to win the Match!

Both Duelists fight back and forth worth with Injection Fairy Lily, but David Kalendek’s was victorious!