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Round 10: Marc Hahn VS Matthew Nicomini

May 20th, 2012

Both of our Duelists have two losses, and must win to have a chance to make the top 32. Marc has been featured in YCS events before, but he says he always loses at the last moment to keep him from finishing in the top 32. He has, however, won every feature match he’s had. Can he keep his perfect record using Dino Rabbit?  Matthew is playing Six Samurai today, and is participating in his first YCS tournament! Both competitors are hailing from New Jersey, and they were ready to start right away.

They rolled a 20-sided dice to decide who goes first. Hahn rolled a 1, while Nicomini had a 19. Hahn simply shrugged to his friends and laughed.

Nicomini started with Grandmaster of the Six Samurai, Shien’s Dojo, Kagemusha of the Six Samurai, Legendary Six Samurai – Kizan, Hand of the Six Samurai, and drew Legendary Six Samurai – Shinai. Immediately he checked his Extra Deck, then activated Shien’s Dojo. He Normal Summoned Kizan, adding a Bushido Counter to Dojo. He sent the Dojo to the Graveyard to Special Summon Shien’s Squire from his deck! He Special Summoned Grandmaster of the Six Samurai, then tuned his Squire and Kizan together to Synchro Summon Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En! He ended his turn with Grandmaster and Shi En. “Glad you didn’t open with Gateway of the Six,” Hahn commented, clearly in a tough position already.

Hahn Set a monster and two back row cards.

Nicomini drew Shien’s Smoke Signal! He used it to search out Legendary Six Samurai – Mizuho from his deck. He Normal Summoned it, but Solemn Warning was there to negate the summon. Nicomini entered his Battle Phase and Shi En took out Hahn’s Kabazauls. Grandmaster attacked directly next, and Hahn had 3900 Life Points, while Nicomini still had 8000.

Hahn Normal Summoned Tour Guide From the Underworld! It brought Sangan to the field, then he Xyz Summoned Number 17: Leviathan Dragon! Its effect detached Sangan to boost itself to 2500 ATK, and Hahn used it to destroy Grandmaster in battle. He set a back row and ended his turn.

Nicomini drew Kizan. He Normal Summoned Hand of the Six Samurai, and Hahn sighed as he had no choice but to activate Solemn Judgment. Nicomini pushed on, Special Summoning Kizan. He crashed Shi En into Leviathan Dragon, then destroyed Kizan instead with Shi En’s effect.

Hahn Set a monster.

Nicomini drew Mizuho. He Normal Summoned it, then Special Summoned Shinai, and Hahn moved straight to the Side Deck!

Nicomini dominates with his first turn Shi En and constant stream of Samurai!

Duel 2 started moments later, with the Duelists shaking hands and wishing each other luck. Hahn started off with Thunder King Rai-Oh and two back row cards.

Nicomini’s opening hand was Six Samurai United, Kagemusha of the Six Samurai, Legendary Six Samurai – Kizan, Reinforcement of the Army, and Maxx “C”. He drew another Six Samurai United! He activated both copies of United, then Normal Summoned Kagemusha and Special Summoned Kizan. Each United had 2 Bushido Counters, and he activated them both, drawing Shien’s Dojo, Mystical Space Typhoon, Kizan, and Elder of the Six Samurai! Typhoon destroyed a bluffed Pot of Avarice. Nicomini Special Summoned his next Kizan, and when one Kizan attacked Rai-Oh, Hahn activated Safe Zone to keep his monster! The other Kizan also attacked it for a little bit of damage. In Main Phase 2, Kagemusha and Kizan were tuned together to Synchro Summon Naturia Barkion! Hahn chose not to negate the summon with Rai-Oh, and Nicomini ended his turn.

Hahn destroyed the remaining Kizan in battle with his Rai-Oh. He set a back row and a monster.

Nicomini drew Shinai. Barkion attacked Rai-Oh to deal some damage, but Safe Zone kept it around.  Nicomini Set Reinforcement of the Army, unable to use it because of Rai-Oh.

Hahn destroyed Reinforcement with Mystical Space Typhoon! He Flip Summoned Snowman Eater, which destroyed Barkion. He summoned Sangan, and Nicomini activated his Maxx “C”. Hahn overlayed his Sangan and Snowman Eater for Number 17: Leviathan Dragon and detached Sangan to boost its ATK! Nicomini drew Fiendish Chain from Maxx “C”. Hahn attacked directly and ended his turn.

Nicomini drew Mizuho. He activated Shien’s Dojo, and Special Summoned Elder of the Six Samurai. He followed that by Normal Summoning Shinai, and Hahn banished it with Bottomless Trap Hole. Dojo had 2 Bushido Counters now. Nicomini Set Fiendish Chain and ended his turn.

Hahn entered his Battle Phase, with Rai-Oh taking out Elder. When Leviathan Dragon attacked directly, Fiendish Chain blocked the attack and negated its effect, reducing its back to 2000 ATK.

Nicomini drew Solemn Warning. He Normal Summoned Mizuho, adding another counter to Dojo. He set Warning and ended his turn.

Hahn Normal Summoned Sabersaurus, only the second Dinosaur we’ve seen so far this Match! He attacked over Mizuho with Rai-Oh, then directly with Sabersaurus.

Nicomini drew Solemn Judgment. He set it and ended his turn.

Hahn activated Heavy Storm! Nicomini used Judgment to negate it, trying to bluff with his Warning, but Hahn had Mystical Space Typhoon!

Hahn sits on a Thunder King Rai-Oh protected by Safe Zone for the entire game, and we’re going to Duel 3!

Nicomini began the final Duel with a hand of Shien’s Squire, The Six Samurai – Zanji, Grandmaster of the Six Samurai, Fiendish Chain, Kagemusha of the Six Samurai, and Legendary Six Samurai – Kizan. He Normal Summoned Zanji, Special Summoned Grandmaster, and set Fiendish Chain.

Hahn set a monster and three Spells or Traps.

Nicomini drew Solemn Judgment and set it, ending his turn.

Hahn pondered his next move a while, making sure to read Nicomini’s Samurai cards. He set a monster and a fourth back row card.

Nicomini drew Elder of the Six Samurai. He attacked with Grandmaster to destroy Kabazauls. Zanji attacked Snowman Eater, and Nicomini took 100 damage. Snowman Eater was destroyed by Zanji’s effect, and Nicomini set Kagemusha Main Phase 2.

Hahn set a monster.

Nicomini drew Mystical Space Typhoon and time in the round was called! Typhoon targeted Hahn’s Typhoon, which in turn destroyed Solemn Judgment! Nicomini Special Summoned Kizan, and Flip Summoned Kagemusha. He Synchro Summoned Naturia Barkion, and Hahn had to use his Solemn Warning to stop it. Grandmaster tried to attack, but Fiendish Chain stopped it in its tracks.

Hahn Normal Summoned his first Rescue Rabbit of the entire Match, and Nicomini tried to block it with Fiendish Chain. Unfortunately he didn’t realize that Chain only stops face-up monsters’ effects, and it does not prevent the monster from activating their effects! Hahn was able to use his Rescue Rabbit, and since it was no longer face-up it was not affected by Fiendish Chain anymore. Rabbit summoned two Kabazauls, which were overlayed to Xyz Summon Evolzar Laggia! Then Hahn Flip Summoned Sabersaurus.  Laggia attacked Grandmaster, and Nicomini sent Shien’s Squire from his hand to the Graveyard, keeping Grandmaster around.

Nicomini drew Gateway of the Six, and ended his turn.

Hahn summoned Thunder King Rai-Oh. Laggia took out Grandmaster, Rai-Oh and Sabersaurus attacked directly, and the End of Match procedures were going to finish on Nicomini’s turn. When he drew his last card, he knew he couldn’t deal enough damage and offered the handshake! Hahn joked, “I lost to Samurai last round, but I didn’t want to tell you that!” Both Duelists were in good spirits, though. Nicomini seemed glad to have made it done so well in his first YCS!

Marc Hahn moves ahead with Dino Rabbit, continuing his 4-0 streak of feature match wins! Can he make it to the finals this time?