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Round 2: Michael Justiniano VS Pasquale Crociata

May 19th, 2012

Welcome to Round 2! These Duelists are both coming off wins last round, and are hungry for more. Michael Justiniano is using his Skill Drain HERO deck today, while Pasquale Crociata is hoping not to croak with his Frog deck packing Sea Lancer. Duel 1

Justiniano won the dice roll and started off with a set back row card.

Crociata had Treeborn Frog, Cardcar D, Heavy Storm, Salvage, and Sea Lancer in his opening hand. He drew Enemy Controller. He summoned Cardcar D, and it was stopped by Solemn Warning! Crociata ended his turn.

Justiniano set another back row and passed.

Crociata drew another Sea Lancer. He set Treeborn Frog and ended.

Justiniano set another back row.

Corciata drew Book of Moon. He used Heavy Storm to destroy  Skill Drain and Bottomless Trap Hole, then ended his turn.

Justiniano passed.

Crociata drew Monster Reborn and passed.

Justiniano set a monster and passed.

Crociata drew Dupe Frog and set it, then set Book of Moon.

Justiniano summoned Thunder King Rai-Oh. He attacked into Dupe Frog and took 100 damage. In Main Phase 2 he Flip Summoned Honest, then returned it to his hand. He set a back row and ended.

Crociata drew Swap Frog. He used Book of Moon to turn Thunder King Rai-Oh down. He discarded a Lancer to special summon Swap, and used it to send Dupe Frog from the field to the graveyard. Dupe used its effect to get Poison Draw Frog added to Crociata’s hand. Swap Frog bounced itself back to the hand, and discarded Poison Draw to be Special Summoned again. Its effect sent Ronintoadin to the Graveyard. Ronin banished Poison Draw to summon itself, then Ronin was Tributed to summon Sea Lancer! Ronin banished Dupe to summon itself again. Lancer tried to equip the banished frogs, but was hit by Effect Veiler. Monster Reborn brought back another Lancer, and Justiniano had a second Effect Veiler! Swap bounced a Lancer, and finally Swap attacked over the face-down Thunder King Rai-Oh and Lancer attacked directly. In Main Phase 2 Crociata Xyz Summoned Gachi Gachi Gantetsu using Swap and Ronintoadin.

Justiniano used Monster Reborn to bring out Thunder King Rai-Oh again. It attacked over Sea Lancer, then Justiniano set a back row card and ended his turn.

Crociata drew Cardcar D. This time it’s Summon was successful, and Crociata used it to draw Volcanic Queen and Effect Veiler and end his turn.

Justiniano passed.

Crociata drew Tragoedia. He used Enemy Controller in his Standby Phase to tribute Treeborn Frog, taking Thunder King Rai-Oh. It was then tributed for Sea Lancer, which equipped Poison Draw Frog and Dupe Frog, boosting to a total of 2700 ATK with its own effect and Gachi Gachi Gantetsu’s. It attacked directly.

Justinianoset a monster and a back row.

Crociata attacked and destroyed Honest.

Justiniano summoned Elemental HERO Neos Alius. He thought for a moment, sitting on 2200 life points to Crociata’s 7800. He ended.

Crociata drew Enemy Controller. He attacked Neos Alius with Lancer, and Super Polymerization sent both to the graveyard to summon Elemental HERO Absolute Zero! Crociata used Salvage in Main Phase 2 for two Sea Lancers. He tributed the Absolute Zero for Volcanic Queen, and Zero’s effect took an Xyz Material off Gachi Gachi Gantetsu.

Justiniano flipped Hero Blast, taking a material off Gachi Gachi Gantetsu and returning Neos Alius to his hand. He summoned it, then finally took down Gachi Gachi Gantetsu with Neos Alius in battle. When Volcanic Queen attacked, Crociata summoned his Tragoedia with 3000 ATK and DEF! Gemini Spark then tributed Neos Alius to destroy Volcanic Queen. It was followed by Miracle Fusion, banishing Neos Alius and Absolute Zero for another Absolute Zero!

Crociata drew Swap Frog. He summoned Treeborn Frog in his Standby phase, Tributed it for Enemy Controller, and attacked directly with the pilfered Absolute Zero to end the Duel!
Crociata takes a victory after grueling first Duel! Both Duelists moved to the Side Deck, and we were quickly on to the next game.

Justiniano started with a back row

Crociata opened with Lancer, Sangan, 2 Ronintoadin, and  Mystical Space Typhoon. He drew Book of Moon. He set it along with Sangan.

Justiniano used Pot of Duality to choose between Effect Veiler, Solemn Warning, and Torrential Tribute. He chose Torrential Tribute and passed.

Crociata drew Poison Draw Frog, summoning it and attacking directly.

Justiniano Normal Summoned Honest, attacked over Poison Draw (getting Crociata a Mystical Space Typhoon), and returned Honest to his hand.

Crociata drew Swap Frog. He sent Ronin to the Graveyard to Special Summon Swap Frog, using it to send Dupe Frog to the Graveyard. He returned Swap to his hand, then discarded his other Ronin to Special Summon Swap once again, sending Treeborn Frog this time. One of his Typhoons hit Bottomless Trap Hole, and both Ronins came back by banishing Poison Draw and Dupe. Crociata tributed one Ronin for Sea Lancer, but Justiniano had an Effect Veiler. Swap bounced Lancer, then Swap and Ronin were used to Xyz Summon Shining Elf! It attacked directly, and Crociata ended his turn.

Justiniano used Dark Hole to clear the field, and Sangan got Crociata a Sea Lancer. Justiniano then summoned Honest again, attacking directly. It returned to his hand, and he set two back row cards.

Crociata drew Heavy Storm! He blew away Solemn Warning, Skill Drain, and Torrential Tribute, as well as his own Book of Moon. He banished Swap for Ronin’s effect, but D.D. Crow banished it before it was summoned! Another Ronin banished Treeborn Frog, and it was tributed for Sea Lancer! That equipped ALL of the banished Frogs – Treeborn Frog, Ronin, Swap, Poison Draw, and Dupe –  and attacked directly for 2300 damage.

Justiniano set a monster and two back rows, ending with no cards in hand.

Crociata drew Enemy Controller and destroyed Honest in battle.

Justiniano passed.

Crociata drew a second Enemy Controller and attacked directly, putting Justiniano to 1700 Life Points.

Justiniano used Heavy Storm, destroying all five equipped frogs! Dupe and Poison Draw activated, searching out Swap Frog and drawing Dark Hole respectively. Justiniano summoned Thunder King Rai-Oh and attacked Lancer.

During his Standby Phase, Crociato’s Mystical Space Typhoon cleared Justiniano’s only back row card. Treeborn Frog was Special Summoned, then tributed for Enemy Controller to take Rai-Oh! Justiniano had no other cards, and once again his own card finished him off!

Pasquale Crociata moves ahead with Lancer Frogs!