Round 3 Round-Up!

May 19th, 2012

Another Round, another 8 undefeated Duelists. Check out how our 4 featured tables did in Round 3!

At the first Featured Table, Marcus Williams used Chaos Dragons to defeat David Monroe’s Gravekeeper’s Deck 2-0!

In Duel 1, Williams lost 5 monsters to Royal Tribute on his first turn; but he still managed to win! He drew Lightpulsar Dragon, followed by a topdecked Lyla! He used Lyla to destroy Necrovalley, allowing him to Summon Lightpulsar Dragon by banishing Eclipse Wyvern from his Graveyard! Wyvern returned Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon from Williams’s banished zone to his hand, and with a field of powerful monsters, Monroe’s Gravekeeper’s were no match!

Duel 2 was a back-and-forth Duel in which each Duelist had the lead at times; but Williams eventually managed to Summon Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon and Lightpulsar Dragon to finish Monroe off.

At the second Featured Table, Bradley Wilson defeated Nelson Jaime 2-1 in a Chaos Dragon Mirror-Match!

In Duel 1, Jaime Synchro Summoned Armory Arm and then Special Summoned Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning. He equipped Black Luster Soldier with Armory Arm to try to win the Duel; but Wilson used Effect Veiler to negate its effect and avoid taking 8000 points of damage from the Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning / Armory Arm combo. Next turn, Wilson used Mind Control to take control of Jaime’s Soldier and have it banish itself with its effect. He Summoned Card Trooper and used Monster Reborn to revive Armory Arm and deal damage; but next turn, Jaime was able to Summon Lightpulsar Dragon, Chaos Sorcerer, and Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon all in one turn to abruptly win the Duel!

Duel 2 went back and forth for a while, and Wilson eventually used 2 copies of Electric Virus to take an Ally of Justice Catastor and Lightpulsar Dragon from Jaime to turn Jaime’s only 2 monsters against him! Wilson won the Duel that turn! [Don’t forget – Electric Virus doesn’t only take control of Dragons; it can also take Machines like Ally of Justice Catastor!]

In Duel 3, both Duelists traded tons of cards using Traps and Mystical Space Typhoons; but Wilson eventually dealt a ton of damage using 2 copies of Chaos Sorcerer, Dark Armed Dragon, a Tour Guide From the Underworld, and a face-up Attack Ryko. After pushing damage with his monsters in overtime, he brought Nelson down to 1700 Life Points. Jaime dropped a Tragoedia to stop some of the damage, and Special Summoned Gorz to remain in the Duel even longer. Before ending his turn, Wilson destroyed Gorz with Dark Armed Dragon and combined his 2 Chaos Sorcerers to Summon Photon Strike Bounzer. He also Set Book of Moon before ending his turn. Jaime had Electric Virus in his hand and an Emissary of Darkness Token. He used Electric Virus to take control of Dark Armed Dragon, attacked Bounzer with Dark Armed Dragon, and then used the Dark Armed Dragon’s effect multiple times to clear Wilson’s field. Finally, banished Dark Armed Dragon to Summon Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon from his hand. Wilson used Charge of the Light Brigade to grab a Ryko from his Deck and Set it next turn. Then he Set Dimensional Prison. Jaime attacked Ryko with Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon but lost out to Dimensional Prison, and then attacked Ryko with his Token and watched Ryko took down the Token. Jaime couldn’t Summon any monsters on his next turn to deal damage, and it was the final turn in overtime. Wilson was declared the winner with 5400 more Life Points than Jaime.

At the third Featured Table, Michael Cecil used his Inzektor Deck to defeat Zachary Reynolds’s Chaos Dragon Deck 2-1!

In Duel 1, Reynolds opened up with Future Fusion and used it to set-up his Graveyard so that he could Summon multiple copies of Chaos Sorcerer later in the Duel, while pulling off the effects of the Eclipse Wyverns he sent to the Graveyard with Future Fusion. With the great early set-up, Reynolds had no problem winning the first Duel.

In Duel 2, Cecil opened up with Dimensional Fissure and Messenger of Peace. Reynolds started off with 2 copies of Effect Veiler, but with Dimensional Fissure on the field, he couldn’t discard them to negate Cecil’s Inzektors. A few turns into the Duel, Cecil managed to win with his Inzektor Deck using Inzektor Centipede, Inzektor Dragonfly, Inzektor Hornet, and Inzektor Sword – Zektkaliber, while Reynolds was pinned down by Dimensional Fissure.

[Dimensional Fissure can be a great card for Inzektor Decks not only because it stops Effect Veiler, which most Inzektors are vulnerable to, but also because Inzektors that are sent to the Graveyard while they’re treated as Equips or Xyz Materials won’t be banished by Dimensional Fissure.]

In Duel 3, Reynolds Set Sangan instead of Ryko on his first turn, costing him the Duel. Cecil activated Dimensional Fissure and Summoned Inzektor Centipede, equipping it with Inzektor Hopper with its effect. Using Centipede and Hopper, Cecil was able to search his Deck for Inzektor Hornet while he already had Inzektor Dragonfly in his hand. When Reynolds Set Ryko next turn, it was destroyed by the Inzektor Hornet that Cecil attached to his Dragonfly. Cecil then used his Inzektor effects to clear Reynolds’s field and swarm his own. By the end of his next turn, Cecil won the Duel with Inzektors. Reynolds told me that if he had Set Ryko instead of Sangan first turn, he would’ve been able to Flip his monster and activate its Flip Effect before Cecil could destroy it with Hornet.

At the last Featured Table, Alexander Reynolds (no relation to Zachary Reynolds) used his Chaos Dragon Deck to defeat Andrew Sittler 2-0!

In Duel 1, Reynolds banished Treeborn Frog using Darkflare Dragon in order to cripple Sittler’s Deck by getting rid of his best monster for Tribute Summons. He also Summoned a Gorz the Emissary of Darkness when Sittler’s Gorz attacked him, and the Emissary of Darkness Token that Reynolds got with it survived the rest of the Duel.

In Duel 2, Sittler revealed Caius, Enemy Controller and Vanity’s Fiend from the top of his Deck with Pot of Duality and took the Vanity’s Fiend. He Set D.D. Crow and passed. Reynolds Set Solar Recharge. Sittler Tributed his D.D. Crow to Summon a Caius and used Caius’s effect to banish the face-down Solar Recharge. After the Duel, Sittler said that he wishes he had Summoned Vanity’s Fiend instead of Caius; Reynolds managed to Special Summon Tragoedia, which used its effect to steal Sittler’s Caius. “If he had Summoned Vanity’s Fiend, I think he would’ve won,” Reynolds told me. By the time Sittler was able to Summon Vanity’s Fiend, it was too late – Reynolds had Special Summoned his strongest monsters and used them to overpower Sittler.

In both Duels, Sittler stayed in the Duel for as long as he could by using Effect Veilers and Battle Faders, but Reynolds ultimately overpowered him.

Marcus Williams, Bradley Wilson, Michael Cecil, and Alexander Reynolds are moving on with perfect 3-0 records!