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Round 9: Ivan Rositto VS Ryan Miles

May 20th, 2012

Ivan’s joining us today from Brooklyn, NY! He’s brought his Chaos Dragon Deck. Ryan traveled from South Jersey, and is piloting a T.G. Deck.

Miles went first, opening with Photon Sabre Tiger, Solemn Warning, Mirror Force, Pot of Duality, and Skill Drain. He drew Call of the Haunted. Pot of Duality revealed Dark Hole, Dark Bribe, and T.G. Striker. He added Bribe to his hand. Then he summoned Tiger, but its effect was negated by Effect Veiler. He set the rest of his hand and ended his turn with a Tiger and five Set cards!

Rositto Normal Summoned Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress! He activated its effect, but Miles negated it by Chaining the targeted Skill Drain! Charge of the Light Brigade followed, sending Future Fusion, Darkflare Dragon, and Mystical Space Typhoon to the Graveyard in order to search out another Lyla. He ended his turn.

Miles drew another Call of the Haunted. Photon Sabre Tiger attacked and destroyed Lyla, and ended his turn.  (Since it’s effect was negated by Skill Drain, the Tiger had its full 2000 ATK.)

Rositto used Mystical Space Typhoon, trying to destroy Skill Drain, but Dark Bribe negated it. Solar Recharge discarded Lyla, sending Card Trooper and Darkflare Dragon to the Graveyard in the process. Rositto banished Effect Veiler and Darkflare to summon Lightpulsar Dragon, but Solemn Warning negated its Summon. Rositto tried again, reviving it by tossing Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon and Effect Veiler from his hand, and attacked Photon Sabre Tiger!

Miles drew King Tiger Wanghu. He set it and his Call of the Haunted.

Rositto Normal Summoned Sangan. It attacked into Wanghu’s 1000 DEF, and Lightpulsar took it down.

Miles drew T.G. Rush Rhino. He set it after much thought, and ended his turn.

Rositto attacked it with Lightpulsar Dragon, and Sangan attacked directly. Rush Rhino got Miles a T.G. Warwolf in the End Phase.

Miles drew a second Warwolf next turn. He used Call of the Haunted to revive Photon Sabre Tiger, then Special Summoned Warwolf in with its effect. Then he used them to Xyz Summon Number 30: Acid Golem! Acid Golem destroyed Sangan in battle, dealing 2000 damage. Sangan gave Rositto a Card Trooper with its effect.

Rositto used Allure of Darkness to draw two cards and banish Chaos Sorcerer. Dark Hole followed that! Acid Golem was destroyed, and Lightpulsar Dragon’s effect brought back Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon! Then another Lightpulsar Dragon came out, by banishing Effect Veiler and Sangan from the Graveyard! When they attacked, Mirror Force destroyed them both, and Lightpulsar Dragon simply revived Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon. When that attacked again, Call of the Haunted revived Acid Golem! Rositto set a monster and a back row card and ended.

Miles drew Solemn Warning. He dodged Acid Golem’s damage thanks to his Skill Drain. Acid Golem took out Red-Eyes, and he set Warwolf and Warning.

Rositto banished Darkflare Dragon and Lyla to summon Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning, but Warning negated its summon! Miles only had 1500 Life Points left, to Rositto’s 5500. Rositto ended his turn.

Miles drew Wanghu and thought for a long while. After much deliberation, he attacked with Acid Golem, destroying  Card Trooper and giving Rositto a card with its effect.

Rositto used his face-down Solar Recharge to discard Ryko, sending Heavy Storm and Gorz the Emissary of Darkness to the Graveyard! He really could have used that Storm right now…  He set a monster and a back row.

Miles drew T.G. Striker. He Flip Summoned Warwolf, which took down Eclipse Wyvern, which banished Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon. Acid Golem attacked directly. In Main Phase 2 he Normal Summoned Striker, and Synchro Summoned T.G. Power Gladiator!

Rositto flipped over his D.D.R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation! He discarded Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter, and brought Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon back into play. Red-Eyes took down Power Gladiator and Miles drew a card with its effect – Horn of the Phantom Beast. Rositto set a monster and ended his turn.

Miles drew Call of the Haunted. He set his traps, Normal Summoned Wanghu, took down Red-Eyes with Acid Golem and attacked directly with Wanghu.
Rositto Special Summoned Dark Armed Dragon! In Damage Calculation Miles used Horn of the Phantom Beast to boost Wanghu, only so he wouldn’t lose his remaining Life Points!

Miles took out Dark Armed Dragon with Acid Golem, then used Call of the Haunted to revive Power Gladiator during the battle Phase to finish the Duel!

Ryan Miles takes a brutal first duel, keeping a Skill Drain out since turn 1, and an Acid Golem out for nearly the entire Duel without taking any damage from it! Siding was quick, and Duel 2 was underway!

Rositto began with a set monster.

Miles’s hand had Beast King Barbaros, Solemn Judgment, Torrential Tribute, T.G. Rush Rhino, Skill Drain, and Monster Reborn. Rhino was summoned and attacked into Ryko. Ryko destroyed Rhino, and sent Heavy Storm, Card Trooper, and Eclipse Wyvern to the Graveyard. Eclipse’s effect banished Dark Armed Dragon. Rositto just couldn’t catch a break, with all his Lightsworn cards costing him the Heavy Storm that he desperately needed for Miles’s traps. Miles set three back row and added T.G. Warwolf to his hand with Rhino’s effect.

Rositto summoned Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress. It attacked directly, then tried to use its effect in Main Phase 2 but Skill Drain was Chained! Rositto used Charge of the Light Brigade, putting Mystical Space Typhoon, Ryko, and Darkflare Dragon in the Graveyard to search out another Lyla, ending his turn.

Miles drew Horn of the Phantom Beast. He summoned Beast King Barbaros, which reverted to its original 3000 ATK thanks to Skill Drain. Miles had Barbaros attack Lyla, then he set Horn.

Rositto activated Future Fusion! He sent 2 Lightpulsar Dragon, Darkflare Dragon, Eclipse Wyvern, and Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon in order to Fusion Summon Five-Headed Dragon in two turns. Eclipse banished Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon for its effect. Rositto followed up with Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning! He banished Eclipse and Darkflare Dragon to summon it, and Eclipse retrieved Dark Armed Dragon now that it was banished. Rositto set a monster and ended his turn.

Miles drew Mystical Space Typhoon. He checked Rositto’s Graveyard, verifying that there were two DARK monsters there. He attacked Black Luster with Barbaros, and used Horn of the Phantom Beast to win the battle! Horn let him draw Thunder King Rai-Oh, which he summoned in Main Phase 2. He set Mystical Space Typhoon.

Rositto sent Lyla and Chaos Sorcerer from his hand to attempt Lightpulsar Dragon’s summon from the Graveyard, but Thunder King Rai-Oh negated it. Rositto set a monster.

Miles drew Dimensional Prison. He used Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Future Fusion before it could summon anything. When he attacked with the Horn-boosted Barbaros, Rositto used Royal Decree, but Miles flipped Solemn Judgment to negate and destroy it! Barbaros took down Ryko, and Horn drew Book of Moon for Miles. He set Book and Prison and ended.

Rositto Special Summoned Dark Armed Dragon. He used Mystical Space Typhoon on Book of Moon, which was Chained to put Dark Armed Dragon face-down.

Miles drew Thunder King Rai-Oh. He summoned it, then used Monster Reborn to take Black Luster Soldier! Miles’s massive field took out Rositto’s monsters and his remaining Life Points!

T.G.s are still in this tournament, and they’re not planning on going anywhere but the playoffs!