YCS Philadelphia First-Timers!

May 19th, 2012

1486 Duelists are competing this weekend, but not all of them are YCS veterans. Some of them are competing in their first ever YCS! Take a look at some of this weekend’s first-time challengers!

Douglas Forbes from Vineland, New Jersey is 16 years old and running a Spellcaster Deck that revolves around Spell Counters. He has never entered a Regional or Local tournament before, and usually just plays against his brother. But now he’s about to have the experience of a lifetime in his first YCS! “I like the vendors and the traders,” he told me. “The whole experience is just great!” Like Yugi, Douglas’s favorite card in his Deck is his Dark Magician! He’s hoping it’ll bring him victory this weekend! Take a look at Douglas holding up his favorite card!CIMG1971

Jacob Forbes is 12 years old and running a Rock Flip-Effect Deck. His favorite card in it is Exxod, Master of the Guard. Like his older brother, Jacob has never entered any tournament before, and mostly practices at home. He told me he’s “just having fun” this weekend. Take a look at Jacob with his Exxod, Master of the Guard!CIMG1974

Elliott Jones is 15 years old and from Washington, D.C., and he’s running a Deck that uses Skill Drain and Beast King Barbaros in this weekend’s tournament. He has entered 2 Regional Tournaments before and frequently goes to locals, but has never entered a YCS tournament before today! When I asked him what his favorite part of the weekend is, he gave a simple and enthusiastic answer: “Playing the game!” Take a look at Elliott with his Beast King Barbaros.CIMG1978

George Laporte just turned 18 years old 3 days ago and traveled here from Maryland to play in this weekend’s YCS. He’s running a Photon Deck featuring Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon in this weekend’s tournament, hoping it’ll bring him some Xyz-crushing victories. He has entered a few Regional and Local tournaments, but never before entered a YCS. “I’m looking forward to winning, and also being OTK’d. It’s really fun to see someone else’s combo pulled off to destroy me in one turn! It’s amazing!” Even though George gets excited about losing, he’s still hoping to win. His favorite monster is Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis, and he’s hoping it’ll bring him victory this weekend. Check out George holding it up!
Aidan Marshall is a 10-year-old local from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He’s running an Elemental HERO Deck featuring his favorite HERO monster, Elemental HERO Bladedge. He’s running 3 of them! Aidan has never entered a Regional or Local event before, so this is his first-ever tournament! Aidan finds that “trying to win” is the most exciting part of his experience here, and he’s using Elemental HERO Bladedge to help make it happen! Take a look at Aidan holding it up!CIMG1985

Kristoff Graham is 11 years old and also came here from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! He’s friends with Aidan at school, and came with Aidan to this weekend’s YCS to compete. Like Aidan, Kristoff is running a HERO Deck; but unlike Aidan, he’s not just running Elemental HERO cards – he’s also running Destiny HERO cards. When I asked him what he’s looking forward to most this weekend, he enthusiastically replied, “Just Dueling and having fun!” Kristoff’s favorite HERO is Destiny Hero – Dogma. Here’s a picture of him holding it up!CIMG1990

Nearly 1500 Duelists are present, and any one of them can win. Will it be a YCS first-timer? Stay with the coverage to find out!