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You can’t open just one….

May 19th, 2012

After that first look, we just had to do a full set of ten packs to show you a sample of what it’s like to enter a Sealed Play event with Battle Pack: Epic Dawn. First off, here’s everything that we opened.
Lots of interesting stuff here! Double Scapegoat is very cool, haven’t played with more than one of those in… 8 years? Change of Heart and Snatch Steal. Pretty vicious. And – Wait a minute… is that…
Obelisk the Tormenter! And a TON of cards to help us Summon him or buy us extra turns to get the cards we need! We even have a chance to fulfill every Duelists deepest desire: Summoning Obelisk with Hardened Armed Dragon!

Come back later once we’ve had a chance to build a Deck, and we’ll show you what we came up with!