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Dragon Duel – Round 7: Tyler Nilsson VS Vincent Silverman

June 30th, 2012

Twelve year-old Tyler Nilsson is competing this weekend with a Dino Rabbit Deck.  He traveled here from Florida, and has so far achieved a 5-1 record.  A win here would guarantee him a spot in the Top 16 tomorrow.  But his opponent is Vincent Silverman, a veteran of YCS Dragon Duel events.  At thirteen years of age, Silverman has made numerous appearances in Dragon Duel tournaments over the past year, and returns today placing his hopes in Chaos Dragons.   

Duel One

Nilsson Special Summoned two Kabazauls with Rescue Rabbit, then Xyz Summoned Evolzar Laggia.  He Set two cards to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.

Silverman had a hand of Solar Recharge; two Chaos Sorcerers; two Tour Guide from the Underworld; and Darkflare Dragon.  He Summoned a Tour Guide, then used her effect to Special Summon another.  When he tried to Xyz Summon Wind-Up Zenmaines, Nilsson negated the Xyz Summon with Laggia.

Nilsson used his own Tour Guide to Summon another, then Xyz Summoned Leviair the Sea Dragon.  Leviair Special Summoned back Rescue Rabbit; Nilsson Special Summoned two Sabersaurus; and Nilsson Xyz Summoned Evolzar Dolkka.  Leviair, then Dolkka, then Laggia all made direct attacks, reducing Silverman to 1500 Life Points.  Nilsson Set a third back row card.  Silverman drew Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon and conceded, unable to fight back.

A perfect hand for Tyler Nilsson leads to a lightning-quick victory in the first Duel, as Vincent Silverman’s aggressive strategy – which sacrifices defensive Trap Cards for more attack power – backfires and leaves him down a Duel.  Silverman would need to win two games back-to-back to take the Match.

Duel Two

Silverman opened Duel 2 with Phoenix Wing Wind Blast; Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress; Heavy Storm; Mystical Space Typhoon; Future Fusion; and Eclipse Wyvern.  Silverman activated Future Fusion, sending two Lightpulsar Dragon; Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon; Eclipse Wyvern; and a Divine Dragon Apocralyph to his Graveyard for Five-Headed Dragon.  He used Eclipse Wyvern’s effect to banish Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon from his Deck, then Set Wind Blast.

Nilsson blew away Wind Blast with Mystical Space Typhoon, then Normal Summoned Tour Guide from the Underworld to Special Summon Sangan.  He attacked with both monsters for 2000 Battle Damage, then Xyz Summoned Wind-Up Zenmaines in Defense Position in Main Phase 2.  He Set 3 cards to his back row to finish out.

Silverman drew and activated Solar Recharge, discarding Lyla to draw Monster Reborn and Darkflare Dragon.  He sent Card Trooper and a Tour Guide to his Graveyard from the top of his Deck, then blasted Nilsson’s Torrential Tribute with Mystical Space Typhoon.  He activated Heavy Storm next, but Nilsson had Starlight Road!  Silverman’s efforts to hit a possible Starlight blindly with that Typhoon didn’t work: Nilsson negated Heavy Storm, and Special Summoned Stardust Dragon!  Silverman sunk in his chair for a moment, before banishing Divine Dragon and Eclipse Wyvern to Special Summon Darkflare Dragon.  That got him his banished Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon  to his hand: he banished Darkflare to try and Special Summon Red-Eyes, but Nilsson negated the Summon with Solemn Judgment.  Silverman Special Summoned Red-Eyes back with Monster Reborn; used its effect to Special Summon Light Pulsar Dragon; and attacked, sending Lightpulsar to trade off in battle against Stardust Dragon.  Both were destroyed, and Silverman Special Summoned his second Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon from his Graveyard. In Main Phase 2 he used that Red-Eyes’ effect to Special Summon back Lightpulsar and ended.  Silverman knew he’d Special Summon Five-Headed Dragon next turn, and Nilsson knew it as well: “Yeah, you’ll get Five-Headed next turn.  This one’s over.”


Tyler Nilsson concedes the second Duel, confronted with a future field of Lightpulsar Dragon, two Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragons, and Five-Headed Dragon!  Vincent Silverman takes us to one more Duel in this fast-paced Match!

Duel Three

Nilsson Summoned Sabersaurus and Set two cards to his back row.

Silverman had Lightpulsar Dragon; Card Trooper; Divine Dragon Apocralyph; Charge of the Light Brigade; Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter; and Electric Virus.  Charge sent Royal Decree, Dark Hole, and Tour Guide from the Underworld from the top of Nilsson’s Deck to the Graveyard, getting him Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress.  Nilsson flipped Macro Cosmos.  Silverman tried to Summon Lyla, but Nilsson negated the Summon with Solemn Warning.

Nilsson Summoned Rescue Rabbit, and banished it to Special Summon two Kabazauls.  He stacked them for Evolzar Dolkka, and attacked with Sabersaurus and Dolkka.

Silverman drew Solar Recharge: he had Lightpulsar Dragon, but no way to get rid of Macro Cosmos and fill his Graveyard.  Still, he discarded Ryko for Solar Recharge, drawing Monster Reborn and Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning, banishing Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon and Chaos Sorcerer to complete Recharge’s effect.  Silverman’s Graveyard had nothing but a Tour Guide – no LIGHT monsters – and he couldn’t use Electric Virus’ ability because he couldn’t send it to the Graveyard (due to Macro Cosmos).  After some brief thought, Silverman Summoned Trooper, then used Monster Reborn to Special Summon back his Tour Guide.  He stacked his monsters together to Xyz Summon Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction, then attacked over Sabersaurus.  “Go ahead.”

Nilsson Summoned Tour Guide from his hand, Special Summoning another from his Deck.  He Xyz Summoned an Acid Golem of his own, crashing his into Silverman’s to destroy both, then made a direct attack with Dolkka to drop Silverman to 1500 Life Points.  Nilsson had 4900 Life Points left.

Silverman drew Chaos Sorcerer – no help.  He Set a monster.

Nilsson Summoned Sabersaurus; attacked into Silverman’s Set Electric Virus with Dolkka; and made a direct shot with Sabersaurus for game!

Macro Cosmos locks Vincent Silverman down in Duel 3, leaving him no way out, and no way to escape Evolzar Dolkka!  Tyler Nilsson moves on with a 6-1 record, now a lock for Day 2!

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