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Dragon Duel WCQ – Round 2: Marissa Chow VS Joshua Dal Porto

June 30th, 2012

Here in Round 2, our two young Dragon Duelists were about to demonstrate one of the biggest match-ups of the tournament: Chaos Dragons versus Dino Rabbit!  Marissa Chow is piloting Chaos Dragons, while Joshua Dal Porto is playing Rabbit.  Chow’s build isn’t what you might expect: she’s packing a handful of Dragunities plus Dragon’s Ravine, as well as Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon!


Duel One

Chow had a hand of Red-Eyes Wyvern; Lightpulsar Dragon; Eclipse Wyvern; Burst Breath; Dark Hole; and Bottomless Trap Hole.  She Summoned Eclipse, then Set Burst Breath and Bottomless.

Dal Porto activated Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Bottomless Trap Hole, then attacked with Sabersaurus.  Chow responded with Burst Breath, but Dal Porto kept his Sabersaurus alive with Forbidden Lance!  Chow used Wyvern’s effect to banish Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon (REDMD) from her Deck when Eclipse was sent to the Graveyard, and Sabersaurus made a direct attack off the replay.  Dal Porto Set two cards to his back row.

Chow drew Delta Flyer and Set Red-Eyes Wyvern.

Dal Porto destroyed it with a Sabersaurus attack.

Chow drew and Set another Eclipse Wyvern.

Dal Porto attacked to destroy it, still just sitting on that one Sabersaurus.

Chow drew Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon and Set Delta Flyer.

Dal Porto Summoned Kabazauls and stacked it with Sabersaurus to Xyz Summon Evolzar Dolkka.  It attacked to destroy Delta Flyer.

Chow drew Forbidden Lance and cleared the field with Dark Hole.  She Set Lance.

Dal Porto Summoned another Kabazauls and made a direct attack.

Chow drew and Set another Red-Eyes Wyvern.  She just couldn’t get to a DARK Monster with which to play that Lightpulsar Dragon.

Dal Porto attacked into Wyvern next turn, and Chow defended it with Forbidden Lance, just trying to stay on the field.  Dal Porto took 700 Battle Damage.

Chow drew Burial from a Different Dimension, and Tributed Red-Eyes Wyvern for Lightpulsar Dragon.  She didn’t have a DARK in the yard, but did have the ability to send two REDMD there with Burial.  She didn’t push her luck though: she set Burial, and didn’t attack.

Dal Porto flipped Lightpulsar face-down with Book of Moon next turn, and attacked Lightpulsar.  Chow responded with Burial, which set up Lightpulsar to Special Summon Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon!  But in Main Phase 2 Dal Porto destroyed REDMD with Dark Hole, and Special Summoned Sangan with Tour Guide from the Underworld.  He stacked them both for Wind-Up Zenmaines, then Set a second Spell or Trap.

Chow drew Effect Veiler, slightly exasperated, and wound up Special Summoning REDMD with Red-Eyes Wyvern in the End Phase.  Dal Porto banished it with Bottomless Trap Hole, but Chow banished the second Wyvern to bring up a second REDMD!

Dal Porto wanted to attack REDMD with Wind-Up Zenmaines next turn, but Chow activated the ability of Effect Veiler to fend it off.  Dal Porto ended his turn.

Chow drew Mirror Force.  She activated REDMD’s effect to Special Summon Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon from her hand!  Dal Porto revealed his Solemn Judgment in a bid to negate Galaxy-Eyes’ Summon, but quickly realized he couldn’t negate the Summon that way.  Chow attacked Zenmaines with Galaxy-Eyes, and when Dal Porto flipped Mirror Force, Chow banished Galaxy-Eyes and Zenmaines with the Photon Dragon’s effect!  She Set a Spell or Trap, and both monsters returned to the field: Galaxy-Eyes with 4000 ATK, and Zenmaines with no Xyz Materials!

Galaxy-Eyes vs. Zenmaines!

Galaxy-Eyes vs. Zenmaines!

Dal Porto cleared the field with Heavy Storm, destroying his own Solemn Judgment and Chow’s Mirror Force.  He had two cards in hand: one was Pot of Avarice, which let him shuffle back his five monsters from his Graveyard to draw two more cards.  He spent a moment reading Galaxy-Eyes again, and turned Zenmaines to Defense, then Set a monster.

Chow drew Dragon Ravine and attacked to destroy Zenmaines.

Dal Porto drew and activated Soul Taker, destroying Galaxy-Eyes!  He Summoned Sabersaurus and Flip Summoned Sangan, attacking with both.

Chow drew Red-Eyes Wyvern!  She activated Ravine, and discarded Wyvern to search her Deck for Dragunity Javelin.  She added it to her hand, then banished Red-Eyes Wyvern to Special Summon back REDMD.

Dal Porto drew and examined his hand, then his Extra Deck.  “Do you have game?” asked Chow.

“I miiiight…” Dal Porto trailed off, lost in thought.

“Gee…Geeees?” asked Chow.

Dal Porto Summoned Rescue Rabbit, banishing it to Special Summon two Kabazauls!  He stacked them to Xyz Summon Evolzar Dolkka.  He had no followup, and Chow breathed a sigh of relief.

Chow drew Solemn Warning.  She ran over Dolkka next turn with REDMD, then used its effect to Special Summon back Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon!  She Set Warning, with 3300 Life Points.  Dal Porto had 6900 left.

Dal Porto tried to Summon another Rabbit next turn, but Chow shut him down with the Warning!

Chow drew D.D.R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation.  She activated REDMD’s effect to Special Summon Lightpulsar Dragon from her Graveyard, then discarded Dragunity Javelin to Special Summon back her other REDMD that had been banished earlier.  She used its effect to Special Summon the Javelin, then Tuned Javelin to Lightpulsar to Synchro Summon Scrap Dragon!  She used its effect to destroy Ravine and Sabersaurus, then attacked with Galaxy-Eyes to banish Sangan.  When REDMD attacked, Dal Poroto Special Summoned Gorz the Emissary of Darkness!  Chow destroyed the Gorz in battle, then traded a REDMD with the 2800 ATK Emissary of Darkness Token.  Galaxy-Eyes and Sangan both came back to the field at the end of the Battle Phase.

Dal Porto was down to topdecking, and ripped Tour Guide from the Underworld!  He used her to Special Summon another, and stacked both for Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction.  It attacked to destroy Scrap Dragon.

Chow drew Torrential Tribute and Special Summoned back Scrap Dragon with REDMD.  Galaxy-Eyes attacked to banish itself and Acid Golem; Scrap Dragon attacked to destroy Sangan, letting Dal Porto get another Rescue Rabbit from his Deck. Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon attacked directly, lowering Dal Porto 1300 Life Points.  But that was low enough for Chow to take the victory! When Galaxy-Eyes returned Acid Golem with no Xyz Materials, Dal Porto was fated to lose the last of his Life Points to his own Golem during his Standby Phase!

Marissa Chow has a heck of a time fighting out of a terrible early game: one that saw her deprived of DARK monsters for turn after turn, with Lightpulsar Dragon stranded in her hand.  But a clever play with Burial from a Different Dimension lets her make a huge comeback, and Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon lets her claw her way to victory, inch by painstaking inch!  On to the second Duel!



Duel Two

Dal Porto opened with Rescue Rabbit, Special Summoning two Kabazauls for Evolzar Laggia.  He Set two cards to his back row.

Chow’s hand was Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon; Red-Eyes Wyvern; Dragon Ravine; D.D.R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation; Axe Dragonute; and Darkflare Dragon.  She activated Ravine, and Dal Porto immediately Chained Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy it, not waiting to see if Chow would discard for Ravine’s effect.  Chow Summoned Dragonute, then banished it for REDMD, but lost out to Compulsory Evacuation Device.  She Set one card to his back row.

Dal Porto brought out another Rabbit, and with it two Sabersaurus!  He stacked them for Evolzar Dolkka, then made two direct attacks.  “I think you won this one,” noted Chow.  Dal Porto Set a Spell or Trap, and it was all over a turn later as Chow failed to draw anything to help her against the pair of Evolzars.

A swift second Duel follows hot on the heels of the lengthy first contest, moving us to one more Duel!

Chow had a hand of Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon; Delta Flyer; Eclipse Wyvern; Mirror Force; Lightpulsar Dragon; and Darkflare Dragon.  She Summoned Delta Flyer, then banished it for REDMD.  She tried to use its ability, but Dal Porto Chained Effect Veiler’s ability.  Chow Set Mirror Force.

Dal Porto Set a Spell or Trap.

Chow drew another Delta Flyer, then used REDMD to Special Summon Darkflare.  She used Darkflare’s ability, sending Eclipse Wyvern from her hand to the graveyard, loading her own Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon to the Graveyard from her Deck.  She banished her own Wyvern with Darkflare’s effect, then used its two effects to search her deck for REDMD and add it to her hand.  (NOTE: Unfortunately, this is not a legal play, though it is very commonly mistaken for one at all levels of play. Eclipse Wyvern’s second effect cannot trigger until it’s first effect has activated and resolved. Only after this has happened, can banishing Eclipse Wyvern trigger the second effect, but this is now impossible since Wyvern is already banished.) She banished Darkflare to Special Summon the second REDMD, then used that to Special Summon Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon.

Dal Porto passed next turn.

Chow Special Summoned Lightpulsar Dragon and attacked with REDMD, into Dimensional Prison.  The second REDMD attacked, and Dal Porto Summoned Gorz the Emissary of Darkness and its Emissary of Darkness Token.  Galaxy-Eyes attacked to destroy the Token.

Dal Porto Set a monster, then Special Summoned Veiler with Monster Reborn.  He Set two cards to his back row.

Chow drew Solemn Warning and Normal Summoned Red-Eyes Wyvern.  It attacked to destroy Dal Porto’s Veiler; and three more attacks ended the Duel to win the Match for Chow!

Marissa Chow moves on with a 2-0 record, with a huge performance out of her Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon!

DDFMatch-R2-Dal Porto

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