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WCQ Round 1 Round-Up!

June 30th, 2012

The tournament has officially begun! Check out some of the action as these Duelists begin their journey to the top!


Table 1: Christopher Wells’ Wind-Ups defeat Jacob Lemke’s Malefics

Duel 1 started off with a Game Loss! Wells had used Monster Reborn against a friend of his earlier today, and accidentally had four copies of Tour Guide From the Underworld in his Deck because of it! He realized his mistake and called a judge to fix things, though. Always remember to return your opponent’s cards if you take them!

In Duel 2, Wells used Wind-Up Hunter to take out two cards from Lemke’s hand, and he just couldn’t recover.

Duel 3 had Lemke open up with 3 Skill Drains in his hand! He wasn’t able to get any monsters to follow up with them, though, and Wells attacked repeatedly with Wind-Up Shark to seal the Match.


Table 2: Corey Rausch’s Chaos Dragons defeat John Nesfeder’s Dino Rabbit deck

Duels 1 and 2 were “standard Dragons versus Rabbit”, in the words of both Duelists. It was Duel 3 where things got interesting.

Rausch started off with Royal Decree locking out Nesfeder’s traps, but Nesfeder had Level Limit – Area B locking down Rausch’s monsters! Rausch was able to deal some damage with Photon Strike Bounzer for a while, but after it was destroyed he went all out! Two Lightpulsar Dragons were used to Xyz Summon Hieratic Dragon King of Atum! That brought down another Lightpulsar Dragon, then Atum was upgraded to Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger, which finished the Match!


Table 3: George Murray’s Inzektors defeat Brent Bicigo’s Chaos Dragons

Murray began Duel 1 with Inzektor Exa-Stag on his second turn! He was able to protect it and win the Duel entirely with it.

In Duel 2, Murray used Messenger of Peace to lock down Bicigo’s big dragons. He continuously attacked with a Card Trooper that was boosted to just 1400 ATK, dodging Messenger! He was doing so much damage with it, Bicigo had to waste a Dark Hole to destroy just Card Trooper!

Murray said he hadn’t wanted to duel Chaos Dragons in Round 1, and Bicigo hadn’t wanted to face Inzektors! Murray had a powerful suite of Side Deck cards like Dimension Fissure just for this matchup, though, and it helped him overcome the dragons.


Table 4: Anthony Kelly’s Dino Rabbit deck defeats Joseph Slone’s Dark World deck

In the first Duel, Kelly used Monster Reborn to steal Slone’s Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World! Slone had drawn a lot of cards to discard, but no Dark World monsters to work with them. After taking a beating from his own Grapha, he finally got another copy on the field. He tried to crash his own Grapha into Kelly’s, but Forbidden Lance ended the Duel!

Slone came back in Duel 2, using Imperial Iron Wall to lock down Kelly’s deck! Repeated attacks from Grapha finished Kelly off.

Kelly started Duel 3 with Evolzar Dolkka and Forbidden Lance to protect it. Slone had Rivalry of Warlords, Deck Devastation Virus, and Trap Stun, but nothing to put together with them. He finally got a Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World, but it got banished with Macro Cosmos! Macro continued to pick apart Slone’s strategy after that.


Grapha surely would have intervened, if only Table 4 were just a little bit closer....

Grapha surely would have intervened, if only Table 4 were just a little bit closer....

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