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Top 4 Dragon Duelers!

June 16th, 2012

They do like to Duel really fast in Latin America.  While we move on to Round 4 of the Main WCQ, we’ve already determined the Top Cut for tomorrow’s Finalists of the Dragon Duel WCQ!

Top Cut Dragon Duelers

Top Cut Dragon Duelers

From the left is 12-year-old Brandon Medrano Palumbo, who has been playing for 2 years.  He came armed with a Macro Rabbit Deck.  His Official Tournament Store is Monster Sprim from Mexico D.F., who is helping us out with the Public Events this weekend.  To his right is Johan Perez Quezada, the 11-year-old with his Inzektor Deck, who traveled 3 hours from Leon Guanajuato today – he’s only been playing for a year.  Second from the right is 11-year-old Marco Ruiz Campos, who came with over 20 other players from home store Avalon Arena in Costa Rica. He was also playing an Inzektor Deck.  He’s been playing for 2 years now.  12-year-old Kevin Vargas Olivares was running a Dino Rabbit Deck.  His home store is also Monster Sprim, and he’s been playing for the last 5 years.