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Top Tables Update: Round 4

June 30th, 2012

Check out 20 of our undefeated Duelists at the top 10 tables, heading into Round 4!

Table 1: Raheel Merali (Chaos) vs. Justin Harrell (Inzektors)
Table 2: William Wilson (Chaos Dragon) vs. Franklin Grantham (Wind-Ups)
Table 3: Adrian Shakir (Wind-Ups) vs. Steven Veit-Quiles (Chaos)
Table 4: Jovad Cruz (Dino Rabbit) vs. Ryan Machado (Dino Rabbit)
Table 5: Tyler Nolan (Exodia) vs. Brent Wilson (Chaos Dragon)
Table 6: Thomas Mak (Wind-Ups) vs. Corey Roca (Wind-Ups)
Table 7: Isaac Kupertz (Dino Rabbit) vs. Qi Li (Dino Rabbit)
Table 8: Darelle Lewis (Inzektors) vs. Lenard Hill (Chaos Dragon)
Table 9: Connor Sweetwood (Dino Rabbit) vs. Evan Towler (Chaos Dragon)
Table 10: Trevor Powell (Dino Rabbit) vs. Cody Muniz (Dino Rabbit)

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