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WCQ Round 2 Round-Up!

June 30th, 2012

Welcome to Round 2! Check out how the Duelists at the first 4 tables fared this round!

At Table 1, Noah White-Gauthier used his Chaos Dragon Deck to defeat Dustin Wheat’s Dark World Deck 2-1!

In Duel 1, Wheat didn’t draw the monsters he needed to discard to make his Deck work. He was able to discard a Broww with Trance Archfiend, but the rest of his Dark World army remained in his Deck. Unable to Summon any Dark World monsters, Noah White-Gauthier was able to take an easy win.

In Duel 2, Wheat won the Duel with 2 Graphas after using Card Destruction and The Gates of Dark World. White-Gauthier’s Dragons were no match for Wheat’s Graphas.

In Duel 3, Dustin Wheat used his Trap Cards to take down most of White-Gauthier’s Dragons, but White-Gauthier eventually Summoned a Lightpulsar Dragon that stuck around and scored some attacks. On his last turn, Wheat had a Grapha in the Graveyard, but when he Summoned Broww, White-Gauthier used D.D. Crow to banish the Grapha before it could hit the field. White-Gauthier attacked to end the Duel with Lightpulsar Dragon on the following turn.

At Table 2, Jacob Brendemihl uses Chaos Dragons to defeat Jason McCaig’s Dino Rabbit Deck 2-0!

Brendemihl made a lot of big pushes with his Dragons, and Duel 1 was just too much for McCaig to handle. McCaig didn’t even get the opportunity to Summon Laggia or Dolkka.

In Duel 2, Jacob Brendemihl used Royal Decree to shut down McCaig’s Deck. McCaig had Starlight Road, Dimensional Prison, and Torrential Tribute when the lost the Duel against a few big Dragons while Decree was face-up on the field.

At Table 3, Zachariah Perkins used his Six Samurai Deck to defeat Trenell Williams’s Gravekeeper’s Deck 2-1!

In Duel 1, Perkins opened up with a first turn Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En and Grandmaster of the Six Samurai. Williams was able to get rid of Shi En with Gravekeeper’s Guard, and at the end of a drawn out Duel, Perkins used Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Necrovalley and then activated 2 copies of Double-Edged Sword Technique and Monster Reborn with Gateway of the Six on the field to win the Duel with a swarm of Samurais.

In Duel 2, Williams Set 2 back rows and a monster before activating Necrovalley on his first turn. He took a slow approach to the Duel and eventually won.

In Duel 3, Perkins opened up with Heavy Storm, Book of Moon, Gateway of the Six, Six Samurai United, Shien’s Smoke Signal, and Asceticism of the Six Samurai. He swarmed the field on his first turn and grabbed a Hand of the Six Samurai for his next turn by removing 4 counters from Gateway. After using Heavy Storm on his next turn, he used Hand of the Six Samurai to destroy Williams’s face-down Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo and then attacked directly to win the Duel with a swarm of Samurais on his second turn!

At Table 4, Christopher Hart used his Chaos Dragon Deck to defeat Michael Schwankert’s Dino Rabbit Deck 2-0!

In Duel 1, Schwankert used Torrential Tribute to destroy a Tour Guide and Sangan and used Macro Cosmos to banish the Sangan and prevent its effect. But Hart used Lyla to destroy Macro Cosmos and later turn the Duel around. Schwankert had forgotten to Set Solemn Judgment, and Hart was able to Summon another Tour Guide to Xyz Summon Leviair the Sea Dragon and Special Summon a Lyla that destroyed Macro. From there, Hart was able to gain the victory.

In Duel 2, Schwankert defended his Life Points with Spirit Reaper and Level Limit – Area B, and Hart defended himself with Wind-Up Zenmaines to stalemate the Duel. Eventually, Hart used Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Schwankert’s Level Limit – Area B and Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter to destroy his  Spirit Reaper. He followed up with lots of big Dragons to win the Duel. Schwankert drew nothing that could destroy the Dragons.

Noah White-Gauthier, Jacob Brendemihl, Zachariah Perkins, and Christopher Hart are moving on with 2-0 records!

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