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WCQ Round 3 Round-Up

June 30th, 2012

These Duelists are all undefeated heading into Round 3! Who will continue on with a perfect record?


Table 1: Angel Ascencio’s Dino Rabbit deck defeats Matthew Wrona’s Gravekeepers

Duel 1 was a very long series of back and forth plays, with both Duelists running out of monsters. Near the end, Wrona used a Fiendish Chain to negate Evolzar Dolkka, then Gravekeeper’s Descendant to destroy it, only for Ascencio to make another Dolkka next turn thanks to Leviair the Sea Dragon bringing back Rescue Rabbit!

Later on, Ascencio was sitting safe behind a Spirit Reaper. Wrona tried to use Gravekeeper’s Guard to get rid of it temporarily, but Ascencio had Effect Veiler. Wrona tried to dodge Effect Veiler with Book of Moon, but Ascencio used Forbidden Lance on Guard! On his next turn, Wrona used 2 Gravekeeper’s Spies to summon Maestroke the Symphony Djinn, then had it flip his Guard face-down again and FINALLY clear out Spirit Reaper. Maestroke stayed around for the rest of the Duel, finishing it for Wrona.

In Duel 2, Ascencio was able to start off with Evolzar Laggia and 3 back row cards to protect it. Next turn He followed up with Tour Guide From the Underworld and quickly claimed victory.

Ascencio started Duel 3 with Laggia and Level Limit – Area B! Wrona used a Pot of Duality to get Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo to try to deal with Laggia. When Ascencio attacked anyway, Wrona knew he had a Forbidden Chalice to win the Match.


Table 2 Robert Stargel’s Chaos Dragons defeat Michael Miller’s Sea Lancer Frogs

The first Duel took nearly thirty minutes, with both Duelists passing back and forth with few plays. Eventually, Miller used two Caiuses the Shadow Monarchs to summon Inzektor Exa-Beetle, then that was used to summon Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger! Gaia Dragon attacked for a few turns, dropping Stargel to very low Life Points before it was destroyed.

Miller was eventually able to use multiple frogs to summon Number 96: Dark Mist! Dark Mist took down several monsters before Stargel destroyed it with Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon. Miller then stole Adreus with Enemy Controller, but Battle Fader kept Stargel in the Duel! Stargel then was able to stall behind a Spirit Reaper for a long time, finally getting some dragons out. Miller summoned a Light and Darkness Dragon (LaDD), activated Heavy Storm so it would be negated and weaken his dragon. Then he crashed LaDD into Stargel’s Lightpulsar Dragon, used LaDD’s effect to revive Gaia Dragon and pierce through a Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter to finally win!

Duel 2 was a lot quicker, with Stargel using Future Fusion to Set up a massive field of dragons straight from his Graveyard.

Stargel used Future Fusion again in the final Duel. He summoned Dark Armed Dragon and tried to destroy his own Lightpulsar Dragon in order to revive Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, but Effect Veiler negated Dark Armed. Miller used a combination of Treeborn Frog, Enemy Controller, and Monster Reborn to summon Destiny HERO – Plasma! Plasma tried to snatch Lightpulsar, but was negated by Effect Veiler. After that, Stargel’s dragons overcame Miller.


Table 3: Michael Rindenello’s Dino Rabbit deck defeat Joshua Canaday’s Inzektors

Canaday sealed Duel 1 very quickly with a swarm of Inzektors, and Rindenello was just unable to fight back.

In Duel 2, Rindenello had no way to get over an Inzektor Centipede equipped with Inzektor Sword – Zektaliber. He was forced to use Maestroke the Symphony Djinn to flip it face-down. From there he was able to use Evolzar Laggia to make repeated attacks and win.

Canaday started with 3 Effect Veilers in the final Duel, with no way to capitalize! Rindenello had an equally troublesome hand, with 2 Jurrac Guibas, and he drew the third next turn! He was able to get two of the Guaibas out though, and used them for Evolzar Laggia. Canaday was able to summon Gorz the Emissary of Darkness, then use the Emissary of Darkness Token and an Effect Veiler to summon Scrap Dragon only for Rindenello to negate the summon with Solemn Warning! Laggia was able to take down Gorz with Forbidden Lance’s help. Canaday had only Monster Reborn and Inzektor Hornet, but Rindenello still had Laggia’s effect and an Effect Veiler to stop any moves he could make.


Table 4: Daniel Tripodi’s Dragunities defeat Edward Flores’s Flamvells

Tripodi just went nuts in the first Duel, throwing down a flurry of Special Summons! He ended with a massive field of Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger, Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, Scrap Dragon, and Stardust Dragon! When he attacked Flores’s only monster, it was Spirit Reaper! Flores survived the turn, but next turn when he tuned Reaper with Flamvell Magician for Black Rose Dragon, Tripodi negated it with Effect Veiler!

Flores was able to control the second Duel, and Tripodi couldn’t draw a Dragon Ravine to Set up his deck.

The final Duel went very back and forth. At one point, Flores used Electric Virus to steal Tripodi’s Scrap Dragon! Flores also had Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning and Spirit Reaper, just enough damage to win the Duel. But, when Scrap Dragon used its effect on Tripodi’s only back row card, it was revealed to be Forbidden Lance! That prevented Flores from dealing enough damage to win, so he simply attacked with Reaper and Scrap, then had Black Luster Soldier banish Scrap. Tripodi was then able to fight back through Black Luster Soldier, a Maxx “C”, an Effect Veiler, and a Monster Reborn thanks to multiple uses of Dragunity Legionnaire and Dragunity Aklys!

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