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Battle Pack Sealed #4 Finals – Brandon Haag vs. Chris Holmes

July 1st, 2012

Chris Holmes travelled here from Arlington, Texas. He’s facing off against Brandon Haag, here from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. The format in this Duel will be Sealed Pack, pitting the Duelists against each other with only the cards they pulled straight from their packs for this tournament.


Duel 1

Holmes started off with Prideful Roar, Dark Bribe, Compulsory Evacuation Device, Twin-Sword Marauder, Drillroid and Greenkappa. He summoned Marauder and Set all his traps.

Haag Set a monster and two back row cards.

Holmes drew Horn of the Unicorn. He Normal Summoned Drillroid, and when it attacked, Haag used Changing Destiny! This change Drillroid to Defense Position and prevented it from changing battle position again while it stayed on the field. However, it also gave Holmes a choice of another effect, and Holmes chose to let Haag gain 800 Life Points. Marauder attacked next, revealing Haag’s Set Charcoal Inpachi and its 2100 DEF. Holmes took 500 damage and ended his turn. (Drillroid automatically defeats Defense Position monsters that it battles, which is why Haag used his Trap Card to stop its attack.)

Haag activated Fissure on his turn, and Holmes used Compulsory Evacuation Device to save his Drillroid, letting Marauder take the fall instead! Haag summoned Exarion Universe and attacked directly.

Holmes drew Forbidden Lance. He summoned Drillroid again and equipped it with Horn of the Unicorn! The super-boosted 2300 ATK Drillroid then took down Inpachi.

Haag Set a monster and a back row card.

Holmes drew Blast with Chain. He Set it and his Greekappa.

Haag Flip Summoned his own Greenkappa! It targeted Blast with Chain and Dark Bribe. Holmes Chained the Blast with Chain to equip Drillroid, and it took out Haag’s Half or Nothing when it was destroyed. Haag tributed Greenkappa and Exarion Universe to Tribute Summon Gorz the Emissary of Darkness! It attacked Drillroid, but Holmes used Forbidden Lance to win the battle! Haag Set a second back row.

Holmes flipped up his Greenkappa, destroying Needle Ceiling and Kunai with Chain! Holmes summoned Exarion Universe next, and attacked with all three monsters.

Haag Normal Summoned his only card: Noisy Gnat! It destroyed Greenkappa in battle.

Holmes drew Kunai with Chain, and attacked with both monsters, dropping Haag to just 450 Life Points. When Haag drew, he knew he couldn’t fight back from this one and conceded.

Greenkappas wipe out tons of cards on both sides, but Holmes is able to capitalize best!


Duel 2

Haag Set a monster and a back row.

Holmes started with Makyura the Destructor, Fabled Ashenveil, Fissure, Des Mosquito, and Kunai with Chain. He drew Compulsory Evacuation Device. He Normal Summoned Mosquito and put two counters on it, then attacked and destroyed Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts, giving Haag two Nordic Beast Tokens. Holmes Set Kunai with Chain and Compulsory Evacuation Device.

Haag summoned Ancient Gear Knight and attacked Des Mosquito. Holmes used Kunai with Chain in the Damage Step to boost his Mosquito’s ATK and win the battle!

Holmes drew Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive. He Normal Summoned Makyura, sending it and Mosquito to destroy Haag’s tokens.

Haag used Fissure to destroy Makyura.

Holmes drew Forbidden Chalice. Mosquito attacked directly for 2000 damage, then he Set Chalice and Dekoichi.

Haag used Call of the Haunted, reviving Ancient Gear Knight. He then Normal Summoned again to give it its Gemini effect, then attacked Dekoichi. Holmes drew Greenkappa with Dekoichi’s effect, then Haag Set another back row card.

Holmes drew Horn of the Unicorn! Fissure destroyed Ancient Gear Knight, then he Normal Summoned Fabled Ashenveil. Ashenveil and Mosquito attacked directly, dropping Haag down to only 2200 Life Points. Holmes still had an intact 8000 Life Points.

Haag Normal Summoned Exarion Universe and ended his turn.

Holmes drew Gravitic Orb. He equipped Horn of the Unicorn to Des Mosquito, boosting it to a total of 2700 ATK. When it attacked Exarion Universe, Haag’s Power Frame negated the attack and boosted Exarion Universe! Holmes pushed on with Compulsory Evacuation Device to get Exarion out of the way, and when Ashenveil attacked directly, it used its effect to finish the Match!

Holmes commands the second Duel with a beefed up Des Mosquito that just wouldn’t let up!