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Battle Pack Sealed #8 Finals – Michael Green VS Alex Salkowski

July 1st, 2012

Alex Salkowski and Michael Green are duking it out in the Finals of the eighth Battle Pack Sealed tournament of the day.  Both of these competitors are veteran Duelists and should know these cards well: Salkowski has been Dueling for eight years, while Salkowski has been playing for roughly a decade: “Since the game debuted,” he explained.  Salkowski traveled here this weekend from St. Lawrence, Missouri, while Green is from nearby Dayton, Ohio.  The winner of this Match will score an exclusive Battle Pack Starfoil promo!
Duel One
Salkowski opened up the Match with King Tiger Wanghu and a Set Spell or Trap.

Green had a hand of Mobius the Frost Monarch; Grave Squirmer; Penguin Soldier; Card Guard; Cyber Valley; and Goblin Elite Attack Force.  He Set Penguin Soldier.

Salkowski attacked with King Tiger, destroying Penguin Soldier.  The Penguin’s effect bounced King Tiger back to Salkowski’s hand, and he Summoned it again.

Green drew Fiend’s Sanctuary and Summoned Elite Attack Force.  It attacked King Tiger, and Salkowski responded with Changing Destiny: Green’s Elite Attack Force shifted to Defense Position, and Green opted to deal the damage with Changing Destiny.

Salkowski ran over the Attack Force with King Tiger next turn, and Set a monster.

Green drew Dark Bribe and Summoned Card Guard, placing its Guard Counter on itself to boost it to 1900 ATK.  Card Guard swung over King Tiger to destroy it, and Green Set Dark Bribe.

Salkowski Tributed his Set Shield Warrior for Raiza the Storm Monarch!  He used Raiza’s ability to spin Green’s Dark Bribe back to the top of his Deck, then attacked to destroy Card Guard.

Green drew Dark Bribe again, and Summoned Cyber Valley, hoping to fend off Raiza and draw a card in the process.

Salkowski attacked Cyber Valley, and Green banished it for its effect, drawing Ante.  Salkowski Set a monster.

Green drew Snatch Steal.  He activated it to take control of Raiza, then attacked to destroy Salkowski’s Set Level Eater.  “That was the first time I summoned the Raiza, all day,” remarked Salkowski.  Green Set Grave Squirmer and ended.

Salkowski activated Heavy Storm, but Green negated it with Dark Bribe; Snatch Steal remained on the field!  Salkowski Summoned Asura Priest; equipped it with United We Stand to boost it to 2500 ATK; and attacked over Raiza to destroy it!  “I’ll attack your face-down as well.”  Asura Priest destroyed Grave Squirmer in battle, and the Squirmer’s effect destroyed Asura Priest!  United We Stand was lost as well.

Green drew and Set Shadow Spell.

Salkowski Summoned Twin-Barrel Dragon, but missed with its effect when he tried to destroy Green’s Set Shadow Spell.  Twin-Barrel attacked for 1700 Battle Damage.

Green drew Chainsaw Insect and attacked over Twin-Barrel Dragon, destroying it.  Salkowski got to draw a card for Chainsaw Insect’s effect.

Salkowski Set a monster, then Set a card to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.

Green drew Magic Drain and activated Fiend’s Sanctuary, Special Summoning a Metal Fiend Token.  He Tributed it to Summon Mobius the Frost Monarch, destroying Salkowski’s Set Burden of the Mighty.  Mobius attacked to destroy Salkowski’s Set Des Mosquito, and Chainsaw Insect made a direct attack.  Green Set Magic Drain.

Salkowski Summoned Goblindbergh, and used its effect to Special Summon Drillroid.  He combined both Level 4 monsters to Xyz Summon Gem-Knight Pearl, but when he tried to attack, Green locked it down with Shadow Spell.

Green ripped Axe of Despair next turn, and equipped it to Mobius, attacking over Gem-Knight Pearl!  A direct attack from Chainsaw Insect threatened to deal 2400 Battle Damage, but Salkowski dodged the damage by pitching Arcana Force XIV – Temperance from his hand to the Graveyard.  Green had 4600 Life Points to Salkowski’s 4900.

Salkowski Set a monster.

Green drew and Summoned Doomcaliber Knight. It attacked, destroying Salkowski’s Stealth Bird.  Mobius and Chainsaw Insect both made direct attacks to finish the first Duel!

“I was sitting on that Mobius since turn 1,” commented Green, making friendly conversation as both Duelists shuffled up for the second Duel.  The second Duel began mere moments later.

Duel Two

Salkowski started with Mad Dog of Darkness and a Set Spell or Trap.

Green had a hand of Exarion Universe; Mad Reloader; Card Guard; Mobius the Frost Monarch; Ante; and Fiend’s Sanctuary.  He activated Ante, revealing Mobius the Frost Monarch: Salkowski revealed a Mobius as well, so no one lost any cards or Life Points.  Green activated Fiend’s Sanctuary, and Tributed the Metal Fiend Token for his Mobius: it destroyed Salkowski’s Metal Reflect Slime, and then ran over Mad Dog of Darkness.

Salkowski Normal Summoned Doomcaliber Knight, then attacked with it, lowering Mobius’ ATK with Forbidden Lance to destroy it.  He Set one card to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.

Green drew Shadow Spell.  He Summoned Card Guard, drawing out Doomcaliber Knight’s effect and landing both monsters in the Graveyard.  He Set Shadow Spell.

Salkowski Set a monster.

Green drew Chainsaw Insect, and Summoned Exarion Universe.  It attacked, destroying Salkowski’s face-down Stealth Bird.  “Go ahead.”

Salkowski Set a second Spell or Trap.

Green drew Axe of Despair and made a direct attack for 1800 Battle Damage with Exarion Universe.  That let Salkowski activate Damage Gate: he Special Summoned Stealth Bird from his Graveyard.  Green Set Mad Reloader.  “Your Mobius is live again,” reflected Green, wary.

But Salkowski had other plans!  He flipped his Set Heavy Storm to destroy Green’s Shadow Spell, then Tributed Stealth Bird for a different Monarch altogether: Caius the Shadow Monarch!  It banished Mad Reloader, then attacked over Exarion Universe to destroy it.

Green Summoned Chainsaw Insect and equipped it with Axe of Despair, but when he tried to attack, Half or Nothing forced Green to end his Battle Phase.

Salkowski Tributed Caius for Dark Dust Spirit, destroying Chainsaw Insect and making a direct attack.  The Spirit returned to Salkowski’s hand.

Green activated Autonomous Action Unit, taking Caius, and then Tributed Caius for Dark Ruler Ha Des.  Ha Des made a direct attack, dropping Salkowski down to 3250 Life Points.  Green had 2400 Life Points remaining.

Salkowski Set a monster.

Green drew Penguin Soldier and attacked with Ha Des, destroying Salkowski’s Set Goblin Attack Force.  Green Set the Penguin.

Salkowski Set a monster, trying to defend his Life Points.

Green drew Level Warrior and Flip Summoned Penguin Soldier, bouncing Salkowski’s Set monster back to his hand.  Ha Des and the Penguin both made direct attacks, lowering Salkowski to 800 Life Points, and Green Set Level Warrior.

Salkowski Normal Summoned Goblindbergh, then Special Summoned Shield Warrior.  It was all over moments later, as Green drew and Summoned Insect Knight; Flip Summoned Level Warrior; and attacked to destroy Goblindbergh, then Shield Warrior, and finally the last of Salkowski’s Life Points!

Michael Green takes a 2-0 victory over Alex Salkowski, building a commanding field after recovering from a rough Dark Dust Spirit play!  Green leaves the table the victor, and scores a Starfoil Battle Pack promo card!

Want to see what happens when a Duelist today wins a Battle Pack Sealed event?  Michael Green was escorted over to the prize table, where he was met with this:


Let’s see what Green earned for his win!


It’s Spirit Reaper!  This Battle Pack Starfoil promo version of Reaper can only be won at Championship-level events like this one, and this is only the second time that this series of Starfoils has been offered (the first time was at YCS Philadelphia).  With Battle Pack Sealed events still being so new, these Championship-level Starfoil promos are proving to be highly prized here at the WCQ, and now Michael Green is the proud owner of one of the most popular!