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QQ: Kaiba VS Joey. Who wins?

July 1st, 2012

QQ stands for Quick Questions! Duelists are excited about the Duel that will take place between Joey and Kaiba tomorrow. But who will win it? I surveyed the Duelists in attendance this weekend to see who they think will win tomorrow. Check out their answers!

“Joey!! Unless Kaiba Crush Cards him.” –Audrey Tan, age 24

“Seto Kaiba.” –Justin Harrell, age 20

“Kaiba… duh.” –Matt Wrona, age 22

“Seto Kaiba.” –Mario Filice, age 19

“Joey.” –Ricky Lau, age 23

“Seto Kaiba.” –Greg Williams, age 24

“Seto Kaiba.” –Matthew Moroski, age 14

“Seto Kaiba.” –James Guerrero, age 22

“Joey Wheeler.” –Justin Crawley, age 20

“Seto Kaiba, derp.” –Miranda Guinaldo, age 24

“Joey.” –Stephen Crabtree, age 17

“Joey Wheeler.” –Nick Cramer, age 14

“Seto Kaiba.” –Eric Huynh

Seto Kaiba is the favorite, but Joey Wheeler has his fans too! Will Joey be able to beat the odds as the underdog and defeat Kaiba? Find out tomorrow!

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