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Round 9 Feature Match: Quaddus Hunt VS Joseph Presnell

July 1st, 2012

Joseph Presnell is here from Indianapolis, Indiana. He’s facing off against Quaddus Hunt, here from Chicago, Illinois.  Both Duelists have a good shot at making the top cut tomorrow, but the loser will be in a much tighter spot for the remaining Swiss rounds.

Duel 1

Presnell started the Match with Rescue Rabbit, Effect Veiler, Kabazauls, Torrential Tribute, Jurrac Guaiba, and Monster Reborn. He Normal Summoned Rabbit, banished it for 2 Kabazauls, and overlayed them for Evolzar Laggia! He Set Torrential Tribute and ended.

Hunt Set a monster and three back row.

Presnell drew another Effect Veiler. He summoned Guaiba and Hunt banished it with Bottomless Trap Hole. Hunt tried to activate Skill Drain, and Laggia negated it. Laggia took down Elemental HERO Bubbleman in battle.

Hunt Normal Summoned Elemental HERO Neos Alius and Set a back row.

Presnell drew Forbidden Lance! Laggia attacked Neos Alius and Hunt tributed it for Gemini Spark! Presnell activated Forbidden Lance to try to make Laggia immune, and Hunt activated Hero Blast to put Neos Alius back in his hand. He wasn’t able to destroy Laggia with Hero Blast, though. With Neos Alius out of the way, Laggia attacked directly. In Main Phase 2, Presnell Normal Summoned Kabazauls and used Monster Reborn on another one, Xyz Summoning a second Evolzar Laggia!

Hunt Normal Summoned Neos Alius, then used E – Emergency Call to add Bubbleman to his hand. He Special Summoned it, then combined his HEROes for Number 39: Utopia. Laggia negated the Summon, so Hunt flipped his Miracle Fusion to Summon Elemental HERO The Shining Torrential Tribute cleared the field, and Hunt got Neos Alius and Bubbleman back with The Shining’s effect.

Presnell drew Sabersaurus and passed.

Hunt activated Future Fusion for The Shining, sending Neos Alius and Thunder King Rai-Oh to the Graveyard. He Normal Summoned Neos Alius, Special Summoned Bubbleman, and overlayed them for Blade Armor Ninja! He detached Bubbleman and attacked directly twice!

Presnell drew Solemn Warning. He Set it and Sabersaurus.

Hunt detached Neos Alius from Blade Armor Ninja, but Effect Veiler negated it. Ninja destroyed Sabersaurus.

Presnell drew Bottomless Trap Hole and Set it.

Hunt summoned The Shining thanks to Future Fusion, and when Presnell activated Bottomless Trap Hole, Hunt had Forbidden Lance to seal the Duel!Quaddus Hunt

Hunt is able to deal massive damage with Blade Armor Ninja, allowing his HEROes to finish the job! Both Duelists moved right to their Side Decks.

Duel 2

Presnell’s opening hand had 2 Rescue Rabbit, Book of Moon, Soul Taker, Kabazauls, and Dimensional Prison. He Normal Summoned Rabbit, banished it for 2 Kabazauls, and Xyz Summoned Evolzar Laggia. He Set Book of Moon and Dimensional Prison.

Hunt used Pot of Duality to pick Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo over Neos Alius and another Pot of Duality. He Set a monster and a back row card.

Presnell brought out his other Rescue Rabbit! He banished it for 2 Sabersauruses, then Xyz Summoned Evolzar Dolkka! Hunt activated Torrential Tribute, and Laggia negated it. Dolkka attacked and negated Fossil Dyna’s effect, and Laggia attacked directly.
Hunt activated Heavy Storm! It blew away Book of Moon and Dimensional Prison. He Normal Summoned Thunder King Rai-Oh, Set three cards to his back row, and Special Summoned Bubbleman! He Xyz Summoned Number 39: Utopia and destroyed Dolkka!

Presnell drew Solemn Warning. He used Soul Taker to get rid of Utopia and Laggia attacked directly. He Set Warning.

Hunt drew and Set a monster.

Presnell drew Solemn Judgment. Laggia attacked into Snowman Eater, and both monsters were destroyed.  In Main Phase 2 Presnell summoned Kabazauls, but Hunt hit it with a Bottomless Trap Hole. Presnell  Set Judgment.

Hunt flipped Reinforcement of the Army, got Elemental HERO Stratos, and Presnell used his Warning  to negate its Summon.

Presnell drew Mystical Space Typhoon and Set it.

Hunt Set a back row and passed.

Presnell drew Forbidden Lance and Set it.

Hunt activated Miracle Fusion, banishing Stratos and Thunder King Rai-Oh to Summon Elemental HERO The Shining! It attacked into Dimensional Prison.

Presnell drew Monster Reborn. He perused both Graveyards, then used Reborn to revive Fossil Dyna! It attacked directly, putting Hunt to 3000 Life Points while Presnell had 5800.

Hunt passed.

Presnell drew Snowman Eater. Fossil Dyna attacked directly.

Hunt drew and Set Book of Moon, which Presnell destroyed with Mystical Space Typhoon.

Presnell drew Forbidden Lance and Set it after attacking with Fossil Dyna.

Hunt summoned Neos Alius.

Presnell drew Royal Decree. Fossil Dyna attacked Neos Alius, and Forbidden Lance let it win the battle! Hunt only had 500 Life Points left! Presnell Set Decree.

Hunt drew and conceded, unable to take down his own Fossil Dyna!

Joseph Presnell ft. crazy background guy

Duel 3

Hunt began with Elemental HERO Stratos, searching out Neos Alius with Stratos’s effect. He Set two back row cards.

Presnell had Rescue Rabbit, Solemn Warning, Mystical Space Typhoon, Forbidden Lance, Bottomless Trap Hole, and Gorz the Emissary of Darkness. He started off with Typhoon hitting Torrential Tribute, then followed with Rescue Rabbit. Hunt tried to use Chain Disappearance, but Presnell saved it with Forbidden Lance! Rabbit banished itself for 2 Kabazauls, then he Xyz Summoned Laggia. Laggia took out Stratos and he Set Bottomless Trap Hole.

Hunt used Mystical Space Typhoon to blow away Bottomless. He summoned Neos Alius next, then Set two back row.

Presnell drew Solemn Judgment. Laggia attacked, and Hunt activated Gemini Spark. When Laggia tried to negate it, Hunt Chained Skill Drain! Presnell Set Solemn Warning.
Hunt used Heavy Storm to clear both his own Skill Drain and Presnell’s Warning. He activated Miracle Fusion to summon The Shining. When it attacked, Presnell summoned his Gorz with a 3200 ATK Emissary of Darkness Token!

Presnell drew Compulsory Evacuation Device. He Set it and his Solemn Judgment.

Hunt attacked Gorz with The Shining. Presnell tried to bounce The Shining with Compulsory Evacuation Device, and Hunt used Dark Bribe. Presnell used Solemn Judgment, but Hunt used his own Judgment! Gorz went down, and Hunt drew Heavy Storm from Dark Bribe. Gorz lost the battle, and Hunt Set another back row.

Presnell drew Sangan, Set it and ended his turn.
Hunt attacked Sangan next turn, and it gave Presnell a Tour Guide From the Underworld. Hunt Set another back row.

Presnell used Heavy Storm to clear the way, then Normal Summoned Tour Guide! It brought out another Guide, then they were overlayed for Leviair the Sea Dragon. That brought back Rescue Rabbit, which got him 2 Sabersauruses, which were overlayed for Evolzar Dolkka! His Emissary of Darkness Token collided into The Shining, and his remaining monsters all attacked directly to win the Match!

Joseph Presnell is one step closer to securing his spot in the finals! Quaddus Hunt is still in the running, but he’s in for a much tougher fight!

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