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Ultimate Challenge Round 2: John Fox VS Adam Parvanehgohar

July 1st, 2012

John Fox and Adam Parvanehgohar both won their first Matches here in the Ultimate Challenge, and now they’re pitted against eachother.  Parvanehgohar’s strategy is pretty mixed, with no real theme per se, but Fox managed to open al ot of Machine-Type monsters that he can use to fuel his Machina Fortress.  Will Fox’s synergy pay off?  Let’s find out!

Duel One
Parvanehgohar opened the Match, Summoning King Tiger Wanghu.

Fox had a hand of Mysterious Guard; Magic Drain; Blast With Chain; Machina Fortress; Fissure; and Pot of Duality.  Fox activated Duality, revealing Jinzo, Cyber Valley, and United We Stand from the top of his Deck.  He added Cyber Valley to his hand, and Set Mysterious Guard, Blast, and Drain.

Parvanehgohar Summoned Twin-Barrel Dragon, and missed his second coin flip for its effect.  Twin-Barrel attacked into Mysterious Guard, bouncing King Tiger back to the top of Parvanehgohar’s deck.

Fox drew Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts, then discarded Cyber Valley and Machina Fortress to Summon Fortress.  He Summoned Tanngrisnir, then attacked over Twin-Barrel with Fortress.  Tanngrisnir made a direct attack.

Parvanehgohar Summoned Blue Thunder T-45, and attacked into Tanngrisnir.  Fox responded by activating Blast With Chain, destroying both his Tanngrisnir and the Blue Thunder.  Parvanehgohar Summoned a Thunder Option Token.  Fox Summoned his Nordic Beast Tokens.

Fox attacked over the Thunder Option Token with Machina Fortress, and Set his freshly-drawn Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive.

Parvanehgohar Summoned Asura Priest, wiping away the tokens and Dekoichi.  Fox drew Spell Shield Type-8 with Dekoichi, and Parvanehgohar Set a Spell or Trap.  He then added Asura Priest to his hand.

Fox drew Drillroid and Summoned it, making a direct attack.  Parvanehgohar blocked the direct attack from Machina Fortress with Changing Destiny, and Fox took 1250 damage.  He Set Spell Shield.

Parvanehgohar Summoned Asura Priest again, and attacked Drillroid to destroy it.  It attacked Machina Fortress next, which destroyed the Priest in turn.

Fox drew Gorz and passed.

Parvanehgohar Set a monster.

Fox drew Raigeki!… And passed.

Parvanehgohar Flip Summoned Dekoichi to draw a card, and Summoned Doomcaliber Knight. Both monsters attacked for a combined total of 3300 Battle Damage, and Parvanehgohar Set a Spell or Trap.

Fox drew Kunai With Chain and activated Raigeki to clear the field!  He Set Kunai.

Parvanehgohar Summoned Amazoness Sage, then equipped her with Horn of the Unicorn. Spell Shield Type-8 negated the Horn, sending it back to the top of Parvanehgohar’s Deck (it actually should have gone to the Graveyard because the activation was negated before it was destroyed).  Parvanehgohar attacked with Amazoness Sage, but was blocked by Fox’s Kunai With Chain.

Fox drew another Fissure.

Parvanehgohar activated Horn of the Unicorn, and lost it again to Magic Drain.  It again went back on top of his Deck (and again, should not have gone there).  He Summoned King Tiger Wanghu, and attacked with both of his monsters.  Fox was down to 200 Life Points, and when he Summoned Gorz, Parvanehgohar hit him with Raigeki.  He then Xyz Summoned Number 39: Utopia!

Fox drew Voltic Kong; blew away Utopia with Fissure; and Summoned Voltic Kong for a direct attack.  Horn of the Unicorn was sent from the top of the deck to Parvanehgohar’s Graveyard.

Parvanehgohar set a monster.

Fox drew Cybernetic Magician and Tributed Kong to Summon it.  Cybernetic Magician attacked Parvanehgohar’s Gagaga Magician, destroyed it, and Parvanehgohar Special Summoned it back in Main Phase 2 with Miracle’s Wake.  Fox destroyed it again with the other Fissure.

Parvanehgohar Set a monster, then activated Different Dimension Gate, banishing his Set Slate Warrior and Fox’s Cybernetic Magician.

Fox drew Dark Ruler Ha Des – No help there.

Parvanehgohar passed.

Fox Summoned Blue Thunder T-45, and attacked directly.

Parvanehgohar drew and Summoned Phantom of Chaos, then banished Blue Thunder from his Graveyard to copy it.  Then he sent his Phantom to attack Fox’s legitimate Blue Thunder!  Parvanehgohar Special Summoned a Thunder Option Token with his Phantom’s effect, and attacked with the Token to take the first Duel! (A critical gameplay error. Fox’s Blue should also have Summoned a Token, which would leave Paryanehgohar unable to attack directly.)

Both Duelists blast each other with Raigeki, and both Duelists clash with their own versions of Blue Thunder T-45, but Adam Parvanehgohar emerges the winner!  Play moved to the second Duel in an instant! (Neither Duelist realized what had happened.)

Duel Two

Fox opened with a hand of Pot of Greed; Breaker the Magical Warrior; Power Giant; Des Mosquito; Magic Drain; and Machina Fortress.  Pot got him Voltic Kong and Dark Ruler Ha Des, and he Summoned the Mosquito.  He Set Magic Drain.

Parvanehgohar Set a monster and a Spell or Trap.

Fox drew Spell Shield Type-8.  He Tributed Mosquito for Dark Ruler Ha Des, but when it attacked, Parvanehgohar blocked with Changing Destiny.  Fox Set Spell Shield.

Parvanehgohar Flip Summoned Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive and drew a card with its Flip Effect.  He Summoned Gagaga Magician, and Xyz Summoned Number 39: Utopia to attack and destroy Ha Des.

Fox drew Mad Dog of Darkness and Set it.

Parvanehgohar Summoned b, and attacked with Utopia to destroy Mad Dog of Darkness. King Tiger made a direct attack, and Parvanehgohar Set a card to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.

Fox drew Blue Thunder T-45. He Summoned Breaker; used its effect to destroy Parvanehgohar’s Set Scapegoat; and discarded Machina Fortress and Blue Thunder to Special Summon the Fortress.  Fortress attacked Utopia, and Parvanehgohar detached a material to block the attack.UC-R2-TableShot1

Parvanehgohar Tributed Wanghu to Summon Airknight Parshath, attacking over Breaker to draw a card with Parshath’s effect.  Utopia traded off in battle with Fortress, and Fox used the Fortress’ effect to destroy Parshath in turn.

Fox drew Drillroid, and Summoned Voltic Kong to attack and send Parvanehgohar’s Raging Flame Sprite from his Deck to his Graveyard.

Parvanehgohar Summoned Doomcaliber Knight, attacking over Voltic Kong.

Fox drew Premature Burial!  He activated it, Special Summoning Machina Fortress to attack over Doomcaliber.

Parvanehgohar Set a monster.

Fox drew Gorz the Emissary of Darkness and Summoned Drillroid, attacking Parvanehgohar’s Set monster.  It was Penguin Soldier, and it bounced away Fortress and Drillroid: Parvanehgohar revealed his hand of Cybernetic Magician; Injection Fairy Lily; Shield Warrior; Gene-Warped Warwolf; and Dark Valkyria.  Fox opted to discard Lily.  In Main Phase 2, he discarded Drillroid and Machina Fortress to Special Summon Fortress again.

Parvanehgohar Summoned Dark Valkyria and activated Different Dimension Gate: Fox negated it with Magic Drain, leaving Valkyria stranded on the field!

Fox drew Dust Tornado and attacked over Valkyria with Fortress.  He Set Tornado.

Parvanehgohar Summoned Gene-Warped Warwolf and Set Prideful Roar, losing it to Dust Tornado in the End Phase.

Fox drew Luster Dragon.  He Summoned it, and attacked Warwolf with Fortress.  Luster Dragon made a direct attack, dropping Parvanehgohar to 2625 Life Points.

Parvanehgohar set a monster, and Set a Spell or Trap.

Fox drew Fissure and attacked with Fortress, destroying Parvanehgohar’s Shield Warrior. Luster Dragon made another direct attack, and a turn later Parvanehgohar was conceding!

An aggressive pushback sees John Fox fight his way back into the Match, Special Summoning Machina Fortress over and over again to dominate the field!  We were headed to Duel 3.

Duel Three

Parvanehgohar Set a monster, and Set a Spell or Trap Card.

Fox had a hand of Pot of Duality; Drillroid; Botanical Lion; Cybernetic Magician; Muka Muka; and Kunai with Chain. Duality revealed Voltic Kong, Mysterious Guard, and Magic Cylinder from the top of Fox’s Deck, and he took Cylinder to his hand.  He Summoned Drillroid and attacked, destroying Penguin Soldier (which returned Drillroid to his hand).  Fox Set Kunai and Cylinder.

Parvanehgohar Summoned Worm Barses, making a direct attack and then activating Horn of the Unicorn in Main Phase 2.

Fox drew and Summoned Breaker the Magical Warrior, using its Spell Counter to destroy Horn and place it on top of Parvanehgohar’s Deck.  Breaker attacked, destroying Barses: Fox had destroyed two cards without losing any himself, and had manipulated Parvanehgohar’s next draw as well!  Miracle’s Wake let Parvanehgohar Special Summon Barses back in Main Phase 2.

Parvanehgohar activated Horn again, turning Barses to Attack Position and ramming into Magic Cylinder.

Fox drew Power Giant.  He discarded Muka Muka to try and Special Summon the Giant, but Parvanehgohar negated the Summon with Solemn Judgment! He Normal Summoned Botanical Lion, then powered the Lion up with Kunai to attack over Barses!

Parvanehgohar wrecked the field with Raigeki, and Set a monster!

Fox drew Pot of Greed, and activated it to draw Tanngrisnir of the Nordic Beasts and Chaos Necromancer. He Summoned Drillroid, and attacked to destroy Phantom of Chaos.

Parvanehgohar Set another monster, and Set his last card to his back row.

Fox drew Blast With Chain.  He Summoned Tanngrisnir and attacked with Drillroid, destroying his opponent’s Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive! A direct attack from Tanngrisnir finished the Match.

John Fox moves on with a 2-0 record, after narrowly winning a 2-1 victory!