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WCQ Final Match: Robert Lewis vs. Tyler Tabman

July 2nd, 2012

Tyler Tabman has been on a roll the last few months, making the top cut of all of his recent YCS events! Opposing him is Robert Lewis, who’s already accomplished an amazing feat: Making the finals of his first World Championship Qualifier! Both Duelists are already headed to Tokyo, but there are still prizes to play for, and even more importantly – the right to call himself the 2012 North American WCQ Champion!


Duel 1

Tabman started the finals off with Tour Guide From the Underworld, and Lewis Chained Maxx “C” to her effect! Tour Guide got Sangan, and Lewis drew Wind-Up Rat. Tabman Set three back row cards, knowing not to push forward into his Summoning combos with Maxx “C”’s effect active.

Lewis began with Upstart Goblin, Wind-Up Magician, Solemn Judgment, and Monster Reborn; as well as the Rat he drew. He now drew Wind-Up Hunter for his turn. Upstart gave him another Rat, and Tabman gained 1000 Life Points. Lewis Set Magician. Then he Set Judgment and Reborn, losing both to 2 Mystical Space Typhoons!

Tabman summoned Wind-Up Magician, then Xyz Summoned Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity! When Tabman revealed Pot of Avarice, Lewis knew he was about to lose his entire hand and conceded! We’re already heading to Duel 2!

Tabman takes a quick win thanks to a powerful pair of Tabman Typhoons©! If Lewis had waited for Zenmaity to hit the field before using his Maxx “C”, things might have turned out differently, but there’s no way to know for sure. The Duelists moved to their Side Decks.


Duel 2

Lewis began with Wind-Up Factory, Dimensional Fissure, Marauding Captain, Monster Reborn, and 2 Wind-Up Rat. He played Dimensional Fissure and Factory. He summoned Captain and brought along a Rat, then Xyz Summoned Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity. Zenmaity detached Rat to bring Wind-Up Hunter to the field, and Factory gave him Wind-Up Shark. Hunter tributed Zenmaity to cost Tabman a Wind-Up Rat. Lewis revived Rat with Monster Reborn, then Xyz Summoned another Zenmaity. It detached Hunter to summon a Rat from the Deck, and Rat revived Hunter. That tributed Zenmaity to take away Tabman’s Tour Guide, then Lewis Xyz Summoned Zenmaity. It detached Hunter to summon Magician from the Deck, then he summoned Shark from his hand. Magician summoned another Magician. Shark turned to Level 3, and the second Magician summoned Hunter. Hunter tributed Shark to cost Tabman a Solemn Warning, then the Magicians were combined for Number 39: Utopia! Quite a first turn.

Tabman played Heavy Storm to destroy Dimensional Fissure and Factory, and Set a monster.

Lewis drew Instant Fusion! He summoned Rat and revived a Hunter. Hunter tributed the Rat to try to make Tabman lose his last card, and Tabman Chained it: Effect Veiler! It targeted Zenmaity to keep it from summoning anything more this turn. Lewis Xyz Summoned Wind-Up Zenmaines and entered his Battle Phase. Utopia attacked the face-down monster – Snowman Eater! It took out Utopia, and Zenmaines and Zenmaity attacked directly.

Tabman drew and Set his only card to his back row.

Lewis drew Maxx “C” and attacked, right into Mirror Force! Zenmaity was destroyed, and Zenmaines detached a material to save itself. In the End Phase Zenmaines had to destroy a card, but it was the only card on the field – it had to target itself and lose its last material.

Tabman passed.

Lewis drew Psychic Commander and summoned it. He played Instant Fusion to bring out Cyber Saurus, then Synchro Summoned Scrap Dragon! Scrap and Zenmaines finished Tabman off!

Lewis evens the score with an equally impressive opening, and showcasing his Wind-Up deck’s ability to Synchro Summon!


Duel 3

Tabman began the final Duel of the tournament with Wind-Up Shark, then summoned another and Lewis played Maxx “C”. Tabman stopped his play sequence, and Set two back rows.

Lewis’s hand was Dark Hole, Psychic Commander, Wind-Up Shark and Wind-Up Factory. He drew Instant Fusion. He cleared the board with Dark Hole, lost his Factory to Tabman’s Mystical Space Typhoon, then summoned Wind-Up Shark. He played Instant Fusion to Fusion Summon Cyber Saurus, then increased Shark’s Level to 5. He used them for Tiras, Keeper of Genesis, only to lose it to Tabman’s Solemn Warning!

Tabman passed

Lewis drew Monster Reborn! He summoned Psychic Commander and attacked directly.

Tabman flipped up his Dark Hole. He summoned Wind-Up Hunter, then special summoned Wind-Up Shark! Shark became Level 3, then he Xyz Summoned Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity. Zenmaity detached Hunter to summon Rat from the Deck. Rat brought back Hunter and he summoned another Zenmaity. That detached Hunter, and he summoned another Rat. Rat revived Hunter, and he summoned his third Zenmaity! It detached Hunter to summon his third Rat, and Lewis conceded the championship!

Tyler Tabman is your 2012 North American WCQ Champion!

Tyler Tabman WCQ Winner