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WCQ Quarterfinal: Robert Lewis vs. Michael Steinman

July 1st, 2012

Michael Steinman is an Iowan Duelist, and this is his third time making the top cut of a WCQ! He’s hoping to take Dino Rabbit to the finals. Robert Lewis is here from Kentucky, participating in his very first WCQ! He brought a heavily teched out Wind-Up Deck, featuring a ton of additional Special Summon power – including Marauding Captain, Junk Forward, Instant Fusion, and Emergency Teleport plus Psychic Commander!


Duel 1

Lewis started with Monster Reborn, Reinforcement of the Army, Mystical Space Typhoon, Wind-Up Rabbit and Wind-Up Rat. He played Reinforcement to search out Junk Forward! He Special Summoned it, then then Normal Summoned Wind-Up Rabbit. He combined them both for Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity! It detached Rabbit to summon Wind-Up Hunter from his Deck. Hunter tributed Zenmaity to discard Mystical Space Typhoon from Steinman’s hand. Lewis followed with Monster Reborn to revive Rabbit, then Xyz Summoned another Zenmaity! That one detached Hunter to summon a Rat from the Deck, Rat revived Hunter, and Hunter tributed Zenmaity to take Steinman’s Solemn Warning away. He Xyz Summoned a third Zenmaity, detached Hunter for another Rat, and revived Hunter once more. Hunter tributed the last Zenmaity and knocked out Rescue Rabbit! Lewis Xyz Summoned Wind-Up Zenmaines in defense mode, and Set 2 back rows.

Steinman opened with only Sabersaurus and Compulsory Evacuation Device after that devastating turn. He drew Jurrac Guaiba. He summoned the Sabersaurus and passed.

Lewis played Wind-Up Factory and Normal Summoned Wind-Up Rat. Rat revived Wind-Up Rabbit, then he searched out Wind-Up Shark with Factory. He Xyz Summoned Number 17: Leviathan Dragon and attacked Sabersaurus with it, then attacked directly with Zenmaines.

Steinman drew Tour Guide From the Underworld! He Normal Summoned, and brought a Sangan along with it from the Deck. He overlayed his Fiends to summon his own Zenmaines, but Lewis countered with Solemn Judgment! Steinman Set his Compulsory Evacuation Device only to lose it in the End Phase to Mystical Space Typhoon!

Lewis Summoned Wind-Up Hunter, then Special Summoned Shark from his hand. Then he searched out another Shark with Factory. He lowered his on-field Shark’s level to 3, then combined it with Hunter for Number 30: Acid Golem, attacking directly with his three Xyz Monsters to win this first Duel!

Robert Lewis rips apart Michael Steinman’s hand right away, with the help of Junk Forward, and coasts along to a win!


Duel 2

Steinman opened with Bottomless Trap Hole, Macro Cosmos, Forbidden Lance, Jurrac Guaiba, Sabersaurus, and Snowman Eater. He summoned the Sabersaurus and Set Hole, Macro, and Lance.

Lewis began with Wind-Up Factory! He summoned Wind-Up Magician, then activated Wind-Up Shark from his hand. Magician activated to summon another Magician. Shark increased to Level 5 to trigger the second Magician, bringing out another Shark. Factory then added a Shark to his hand. He increased his second Shark to level 5, then he combined his 2 Sharks and 2 Magicians for Tiras, Keeper of Genesis and Number 39: Utopia! Steinman activated Bottomless Trap Hole after Utopia’s summon, then Chained Macro Cosmos to banish Utopia and all of its Xyz Materials! Lewis activated Smashing Ground to take out Sabersaurus, and Tiras attacked directly. Then Lewis destroyed Macro Cosmos with Tiras’ effect.

Steinman drew Rescue Rabbit, with Guaiba and Snowman Eater still in hand. He summoned Rabbit, banished it for 2 Sabersauri, and entered his Battle Phase. One Sabersaurus took down Tiras with help from Forbidden Lance, then the other attacked directly. In Main Phase 2, he Xyz Summoned Evolzar Dolkka.

Lewis activated Dimensional Fissure! He Normal Summoned Wind-Up Rat, then when he activated Shark from his hand, Steinman negated and destroyed it with Dolkka. He used his Rat’s effect, and Dolkka negated that as well.

Steinman drew Book of Moon. He summoned Guaiba, and it and Dolkka attacked directly.

Lewis summoned Marauding Captain! It Special Summoned Wind-Up Hunter from his hand, but Steinman’s Book of Moon prevented the play from going anywhere, and Lewis moved to his Side Deck to get ready for Duel 3!

Michael Steinman fights back with Evolzar Dolkka costing Lewis some of his most important monsters!


Duel 3

Lewis began with Dimensional Fissure and Wind-Up Factory! He summoned Wind-Up Hunter, then used Instant Fusion for Fusionist! He Xyz Summoned Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity, detached Hunter to summon Wind-Up Rat (Hunter was not banished by Dimensional Fissure because Xyz Materials are not considered monsters). Factory gave him Wind-Up Shark. Rat revived Hunter, Hunter tributed Zenmaity to cost Steinman his Bottomless Trap Hole. He Xyz Summoned another Zenmaity, detached Hunter to summon Rat, had Rat revive Hunter, and Hunter tributed Zenmaity to knock away Rescue Rabbit! He Xyz Summoned Zenmaity, had it bring out Wind-Up Magician, activated Shark from his hand, and had Magician bring out another Magician. Shark lowered its Level to 3, and the new Magician brought out Hunter. Hunter tributed Shark to cost Steinman an Effect Veiler, and Lewis Xyz Summoned Number 39: Utopia with the Magicians! His field was now Utopia, Zenmaity, Hunter, Factory, and Dimensional Fissure; and he Set 2 back rows.

The remains of Steinman’s hand were Neo-Spacian Grand Mole, Solemn Warning, and Mystical Space Typhoon. He summoned Mole, attacked Utopia to make it detach a material, then blew away Factory with Typhoon.

Lewis detached Rat from Zenmaity to bring out another Rat. That one used its effect to revive Hunter. Hunter pitched Rat to cost Steinman his last card, Solemn Warning. Hunter attacked Mole, which returned both monsters to their owners’ hands. Zenmaity and Utopia attacked directly.

Steinman drew another Warning. He summoned Mole and attacked Utopia, which negated the attack with its last material. He Set Warning, losing it in the End Phase to Lewis’s Mystical Space Typhoon, and he conceded with no way to defeat Lewis’s field!

Robert Lewis is moving forward with his Wind-Ups!