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What Is The Ultimate Challenge?!

July 1st, 2012

One of the biggest events here at the WCQ today is the Battle Pack: Epic Dawn Sealed Pack Ultimate Challenge!  All through this weekend, 8-man Battle Pack Sealed and Battle Pack Draft tournaments have been pitting Duelists against eachother in three-round elimination play, where the winner walks away with one random Championship-level Starfoil Prize Card.  The Ultimate Challenge is similar, but it’s way bigger, way better, and the stakes are so much higher.

Today we’ll see dozens of Duelists go head-to-head in Battle Pack Sealed competition, fighting through Swiss rounds until a cut can be made to a final Top 8.  Those remaining Duelists will throw down elimination style to crown one winner.  Finish in the Quarterfinals and you’ll score two exclusive Starfoil promos.  Last one more round and make the Semifinals, and you’ll win five Starfoil Prize Cards.  Second place gets ten Starfoils, and the lone winner – the last man or woman standing – gets a full set of all 20 Starfoil Prize Cards.


This is the first time ever that a complete set of Starfoil promos has been awarded to a tournament winner.  It’s an unprecedented prize, and it’s going to be hotly contested in today’s event.  Stay tuned, because we’ll be bringing you full round by round coverage of the Ultimate Challenge tournament, all day long!