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Meet our second ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! winner, Matt Chasteen!

September 24th, 2012

Matt Chasteeeeeeeeen

Matt is fresh off his victory over Michael Steinman in a Wind-Up mirror match!

Matt said this Match may have been one of the best he’s ever played. First of all, he only played a single Duel – the first Duel lasted the entire 40 minute time limit!

Near the end of the Duel, Matt had only a Sangan, Wind-Up Rabbit, and Mirror Force. His opponent exploded with Wind-Up combos, ending up with a field of Leviair the Sea Dragon, Maestroke the Symphony Djinn, Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity, and Soul of Silvermountain which locked down Matt’s Mirror Force! He’d been unable to deal enough damage to finish Matt off, however, and didn’t want to risk letting Matt get the combo piece he needed with Sangan. So, he’d ended his turn.

Matt blew away that entire field with Dark Hole, then was ready to explode in return with Wind-Up Magician. Michael had Maxx “C”, but Matt decided to just go for it though, ending with a field of Leviair, Temtempo the Percussion Djinn, Number 39: Utopia, and Zenmaity. In the end, Michael drew up to 15 cards in his hand thanks to Maxx “C”!

Michael responded by playing Pot of Avarice to put all his Xyz Monsters back in his Extra Deck, then throwing down ANOTHER field full of Xyz: Adreus, Keeper of Armageddon, Wind-Up Arsenal Zenmaioh, and Zenmaity! He wasn’t able to get through Utopia though.

Matt stalled behind Utopia and a Wind-Up Zenmaines for a turn, and time in the round was called.

Matt had basically nothing, but he had a Gorz the Emissary of Darkness he’d been holding onto for a long time now. When Michael tried to finish him off, Gorz jumped in the way with more ATK than any of Michael’s monsters! Despite drawing half of his Deck with Maxx “C”, then exploding onto the field turn after turn, Michael was just unable to overcome Matt’s huge Life Point lead in the end!