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QQ: Favorite Change to the F&L List?

September 22nd, 2012

QQ stands for Quick Questions! Less than a month ago, the new Forbidden & Limited List shook up the Dueling world. Many of the top decks had their power cards put in check, while other strategies gained more copies of some cards. What was your favorite change to the Forbidden & Limited List?

Maurice Brantly: “Future Fusion forbidden”

Richard Reeves: “Forbidding of Future Fusion

Matt DuCharme: “Necro Gardna unlimited, Future Fusion forbidden”

Bernardo Miranda: “Inzektor Hornet and Inzektor Dragonfly limited”

Jeffrey Kraszewski: “Inzektor changes”

Jacob Brendemihl: “Hornet at one!!! Dragonfly at one!!!”

Zachary Beard: “Goodbye Inzektors”

Parker Roberson: “Spore to one”

Rafael Mendoza: “Spore

Nick Merchant: “Debris Dragon to two”

Mike Merchant: “Three Magic Cylinders

Dominique Roberts: “Spore off the list”

Leonard Paul: “Future Fusion

Most of our answers seemed to be regarding Future Fusion or Inzektors, two of the biggest things to come from this F&L update, but many Duelists were glad to be using Spore again too!