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QQ: What’s your favorite new Deck theme from Return of the Duelist?

September 1st, 2012

One of the coolest things about Return of the Duelist is that it introduces several new Deck themes, many of which may come to have a big impact on tournament-level play.  Geargias are already taking several Duelists to undefeated records here this afternoon, but Madolche and the Prophecy monsters are proving to be really popular amongst a wide array of Duelists as well.  We took to the tournament floor to ask all sorts of players: which new Return of the Duelist monsters are your favorites, and why?  Madolche, Prophecy, or Geargia?

“Geargias, because of its swarm ability.”
-Shen Jey, Toronto

“Prophecy, because they fit my style..”
-David Marcotte, Montreal

“Geargia!  Because they’re super-powerful!”
-Billy Brake, Dallas

“Madolche has their own Stratos – Madolche Magileine – and they look soooo cute!”
-Daniel Connel, Toronto

“Geargia, because they’re the most fun Deck to play from the new set in my opinion.”
-Thomas Vo, Fairfax

“Geargia, for Geargia / Machina.”
-Mark Dizon, Milton

“Geargia.  They’re broken, and can be used with any other Machine theme.”
-Name Withheld, The Bronx

“Geargia, because it OTKs so easily.”
-Sean Montague, Redford

“Geargia, because they OTK.”
-Paul Cooper, Kansas City

“Geargia, because it’s such a splashable theme.”
-Glenn Robinson, Kansas City

“Madolche, because the ability to go back to the deck and sometimes to the hand is extremely useful.”
-Matthew Geyman, Livingston

“Geargia, because they’re broken, son!”
-Frazier Smith, Philadelphia

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