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QQ: What’s Your Secret Weapon?

September 1st, 2012

There are a ton of different strategies still in contention right now, but even with so many different Decks being played, some of the biggest innovations are happening at the single-card level.  Say what you want, but sometimes personal style is everything, and the smallest differences can make a huge impact on your performance.  With that in mind, we hit the tournament floor to ask: what’s your secret weapon this weekend?

“Photon Thrasher.”
-Shen Jey, Toronto

“Night Beam.”
-David Marcotte, Montreal

“Giant Rat into Neo-Spacian Grand Mole.”
-Billy Brake, Dallas

“Royal Tribute and Starlight Road.”
-Daniel Connel, Toronto

“Cyber Valley.”
-Thomas Vo, Fairfax

“Safe Zone.”
-Mark Dizon, Milton

“Compulsory Evacuation Device.”
-Name Withheld, The Bronx

“Gorz the Emissary of Darkness.  Nobody expects it in my Deck, since I’m playing HEROes.”
-Daniel LaMartina, Rochester

“Soul Taker.”
-Sean Montague, Redford

“A Wingbeat of Dragon.”
-Paul Cooper, Kansas City

“Machina Fortress.”
-Glenn Robinson, Kansas City

“Maxx “C”.”
-Louis Hong, Waterloo

“Chain Disappearance.”
-Matthew Geyman, Livingston

“Call of the Haunted.”
-Frazier Smith, Philadelphia