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QQ: What anime card would you like to see?

September 22nd, 2012

QQ stands for Quick Questions! We’ve been asking Quick Questions for some time now, with one of our favorite questions being “What anime card would you like to be real?” The problem was, every time we ask that question, everyone says “Orichalcos! Orichalcos! We want Orichalcos!” It gets to the point where we almost don’t see any other answers!

So, now that The Seal of Orichalcos is being printed, what other anime cards would you like to see made real?

Dominique Roberts: “The 3 Legendary Dragons (Timaeus, Critias, Hermos)”

Chris Cheatham: “Sixth Sense

Zack Lombard: “The Golden Castle of Stromberg

Derek Deputy: “Toy soldiers from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Maurice Brantly: “The 3 Legendary Dragons”

Robbie Kohl: “Necromancy, Ragnarok, Flipping the Table, better Blackwings”

Jacob Brendemihl: “Golden Castle of Stromberg, Harpie Lady Phoenix Formation, the Valkyrie cards”

Rafael Mendoza: “Speed World 2

Parker Roberson: “Golden Castle of Stromberg

Rey Garza: “Onion Man, Potato Man, Carrot Man


The three legendary dragons and Golden Castle of Stromberg were very popular choices, but actually they were completely overshadowed by another card. Our Feature Match judge, Rey Garza, assisted us with gathering answers to our Quick Questions. With his judgment clouded by his love for Potato Man, Rey managed to convince a handful of players to answer with Potato Man. It spread like wildfire – over a third of the answers were requesting Potato Man!