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QQ: What are you using your Side Deck for?

September 1st, 2012

The field for this weekend is wide open, and with so many Decks that were fair candidates headed into this tournament, deciding what to Side Deck against was no easy task.  Virtually anything could show up to this tournament, so we hit the floor to ask a wide range of competitors: what strategies are you side decking against?

“Hyperion and Dino Rabbit.”
-Shen Jey, Toronto

“Wind-Ups, Dino Rabbit, and HEROes.”
-David Marcotte, Montreal

“I’m Siding against Wind-Ups, HEROes, Rabbit, and Dark World.”
-Billy Brake, Dallas

“Wind-Up, Rabbit, Dark World, and Dragons.”
-Patrick Achramuvitch, Buffalo

“Machines and Burn!”
-Daniel Connel, Toronto

“Wind-Up, Rabbit, HERO, Dark World, and random Burn / Exodia Decks.”
-Thomas Vo, Fairfax

“HEROes and Dark World.”
-Mark Dizon, Milton

“Dark Worlds.”
-Name Withheld, The Bronx

“Wind-Ups, Dino Rabbit, Dark World, and HEROes.”
-Daniel LaMartina, Rochester

“I’m Siding for Dark World, Wind-Up, HEROes, and Rabbit.”
-Sean Montague, Redford

“Wind-Ups, and HEROes.”
-Paul Cooper, Kansas City

“Wind-Ups, Dark Worlds, HERO, and Samurai.”
-Glenn Robinson, Kansas City

“Wind-Up, mostly.”
-Louis Hong, Waterloo

“I’m Siding against Rabbit, Wind-Ups, HEROes, Six Samurais, Chain Burn, and Final Countdown.”
-Matthew Geyman, Livingston

“HEROes, Rabbit, Dark World, and Wind-Ups.”
-Frazier Smith, Philadelphia