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QQ: What Will Win The Main Event?

September 1st, 2012

It’s an all-new Advanced Format, and the YCS debut of Return of the Duelist, so the shape of today’s field is wildly unpredictable!  Still, there were some strong opinions flying about the tournament floor this afternoon, so we headed out to ask: What deck do you think will win the YCS Toronto main event?

“Wind-Ups, because in the end you always have outs versus any Deck.”
-Shen Jey, Toronto

“HEROes with A Hero Lives.  There are no dead draws in the Deck, and with its cards like Miracle Fusion and Super Polymerization, it beats all Decks.”
-David Marcotte, Montreal

“Geargia, because I’m using them!”  He laughed.  “They’re explosive.”
-Billy Brake, Dallas

“Wind-Up, because Magician and Shark are too good together.”
-Patrick Achramuvitch, Buffalo

“Wind-Ups, Machina, Geargia’s… Some sort of Machine stuff.”
-Daniel Connel, Toronto

“Synchrocentric, because there needs to be a back to back win for the Deck this weekend, and well, I love it.”
-Thomas Vo, Fairfax

“HEROes or Dark World, so many players are running them!”
-Mark Dizon, Milton

“Geargia.  The deck out-cards your opponent way too much, and it forces your opponent to waste their back row cards.”
-Name Withheld, The Bronx

“HEROes or Wind-Ups.  Why?  Because of sheer numbers.  They’re the only two Decks I saw this morning.”
-Daniel LaMartina, Rochester

-Sean Montague, Redford

“Hieratics, because they’re explosive and versatile.”
-Paul Cooper, Kansas City

“Wind-Ups; they’re the most versatile.”
-Glenn Robinson, Kansas City

“Wind-Up.  It’s the new Synchrocentric.”
-Louis Hong, Waterloo

“I think Wind-Ups will win, because of the amount of people playing them.”
-Matthew Geyman, Livingston

-Frazier Smith, Philadelphia

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