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QQ: What Deck is the best to use with the Seal?

September 22nd, 2012

QQ stands for Quick Question! We had to go to great lengths to find a way to keep The Seal of Orichalcos from overshadowing every Field Spell ever, without completely watering it down. So now that the Seal’s full effect has been revealed, what Decks do you think will take advantage of it?

Rafael Mendoza: “T.G. or Geartown/Malefic”

Nick Merchant: “Watts”

Mike Merchant: “Malefics”

Joseph Chance: “HEROes”

Julian Solis: “Malefics”

Leonard Paul: “Malefics”

Abel Ocampo: “Anti-monster Decks”

Caleb Cosby: “Rock Stun”

Brian A.: “Malefics”

Jeffrey Kraszewski: “All of the Decks”

Jacob Brendemihl: “T.G., Anti-Monster, Malefics, maybe Agents, Beast-Warriors after Abyss Rising

The general consensus is Malefics, a logical choice considering how much they’d like a nigh-indestructible Field Spell. Other strategies came up too, though; especially ones that don’t need their Extra Deck or mass Special Summoning to win and would like a 500 ATK bonus to all their monsters – what wouldn’t?