Round 3 Round-Up!

September 22nd, 2012

 Let’s take a look at 8 of our undefeated Duelists in the Round 3 Round-Up!


At our first Featured Table, Matthew Herrera used his Geargia Deck to defeat Ankit Shah’s Wind-Up Deck. 


In Duel 1, Shah Summoned Number 16: Shock Master on his first turn! He used Tour Guide to Xyz Summon Wind-Up Carrier Zenmaity, and activated its effect to Special Summon Wind-Up Magician from his Deck. He then Special Summoned Wind-Up Shark from his hand, activating his Magician’s effect to Special Summon another Magician from his Deck. By activating his Shark’s effect, he was able to once again trigger his Magician’s effect. Shah opened up with Pot of Avarice and Solemn Warning in his hand too, and Herrera never recovered from Shock Master’s early Summon.


In Duel 2, Shah used Heavy Storm early in the Duel, and Herrera used Starlight Road to stop it and Special Summon Stardust Dragon, turning the Duel around!


In Duel 3, Herrera and Shah had a back-and-forth Duel that eventually went to time. With more Life Points, Herrera was declared the winner.



At our second Featured Table Jacob Theimer used his Perfect Herald Deck to defeat Andrew Eskridge’s Gravekeeper’s Deck 2-1!


In Duel 1, Theimer Summoned Herald of Perfection on his first turn and protected it with Safe Zone. Eskridge was unable to destroy the Herald, and Theimer managed to negate all 3 of Eskridge’s Necrovalley with his Herald’s effect. Theimer eventually won the Duel with Master Hyperion and a Graveyard full of Fairies.


In Duel 2, Eskridge opened up with Prohibition and named Herald of Perfection with its effect. Theimer was unable to destroy Prohibition, and was therefore helpless as Eskridge chipped away at his Life Points with Gravekeeper’s Recruiter.


In Duel 3, Theimer activated Prohibition naming Necrovalley on his first turn, and drew 2 cards with Cardcar D. On his next turn, he Set Royal Decree, and on the following turn, Theimer flipped Decree and Summoned Herald of Perfection with Dawn of the Herald. The combination of Prohibition, Royal Decree, and Herald of Perfection allowed Theimer to seal the Duel!




At our third Featured Table, Brenden Beckmann used his Malefic Machina Deck to defeat Marshaun Lugo’s Plant Deck 2-1!




In Duel 1, Brenden Beckmann used Limiter Removal to double the attack of his Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon and used Forbidden Lance to weaken Lugo’s Iron Chain Dragon for a giant Duel-ending attack!



In Duel 2, Lugo defeated Beckmann in just a few turns! He used Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Beckmann’s Skill Drain, and Beckmann used his Solemn Judgment to stop the Summon of Lugo’s Maestroke, dropping his Life Points low. Attacks from Reborn Tengu, Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning, and Ally of Justice Catastor wiped Beckmann out.



In Duel 3, Beckmann Summoned Machina Gearframe on his first turn and used its effect to add Machina Fortress to his hand. Then he Summoned Machina Fortress and Set Skill Drain and Solemn Judgment face-down before passing. He Summoned another Gearframe again next turn, but its effect was negated by Fiendish Chain. Beckmann Xyz Summoned Gear Gigant X by combining both Gearframes and searched his Deck for Cardcar D with its effect. Late in the Duel, Beckmann Summoned Number 11: Big Eye by combining 2 Fortresses, and used its effect to take control of Lugo’s Wind-Up Zenmaines! He eventually won the Duel with a swarm of Machines.




At our fourth Featured Table, Michael Lesicko used his Dragunity Deck to defeat Tyler Harnish’s Lightsworn Deck 2-0!



In Duel 1, Lesicko used Terraforming to search his Deck for Dragon Ravine and add it to his hand. He discarded Blackwing – Zephyros the Elite to add Dragunity Phalanx to his hand with the effect of his Ravine. Then he returned Ravine to his hand to Special Summon Zephyros from the Graveyard. He replayed the Ravine, and discarded Phalanx to add a Dux from his Deck to his hand. He Summoned Dux, but lost out on its effect to Effect Veiler. Lesicko attacked with Dux, and Harnish Special Summoned Tragoedia. Next turn, Harnish Summoned Lyla and used its effect to destroy Lesicko’s face-down Solemn Warning, then attacked with Tragoedia, prompting Lesicko to use Mirror Force and destroy Tragoedia. Lesicko activated Night Beam next turn to destroy Harnish’s face-down Mystical Space Typhoon, and Harnish wasn’t able to Chain it. He used his Ravine to grab a Dux from his Deck, and then Summoned it and equipped it with Phalanx by using its effect. He was then able to Synchro Summon 3 copies of Dragunity Knight – Vajrayana, since he already had an on-field Dux and Zephyros. He then combined both of them to Summon Hieratic Dragon King of Atum and used its effect to Summon Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon. Next, he used Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon’s effect to Special Summon Vajrayana back to the field and Synchro Summon Stardust Dragon, and upgraded his Atum to Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger. Lesicko attacked with all of his monsters, and Harnish conceded when he saw his next card. He was unable to destroy Lesicko’s swarm of Dragons.



In Duel 2, Lesicko was once again able to use Dragon Ravine and Dux to Summon lots of big Synchro Monsters. He eventually won with some help from his Level 8 Scrap Dragon after making the traditional Synchro Summon plays that Dragunity Decks are known for.