Round 4 Top Table Update:

September 1st, 2012

With three Rounds down and five more remaining here in Day 1, let’s take a quick look at the decks that are sitting at the top tables!  All of these Duelists are undefeated thus far, with 3-0 records headed into Round 4.

Table 1:
Xing Xiao with Elemental HEROes
Ryad Hamwi with Synchrocentric

Table 2:
Daniel LaMartina with Elemental HEROes
Aaron Noel with Geargia Karakuri

Table 3:
Luis Jimenez with Elemental HEROes feat. Bubbleman
Marc Carisse with Dark World

Table 4:
Frazier Smith with Wind-Ups
Gaetan Georges with Wind-Ups

Table 5:
Bronte Dover-Terrettaz with Wind-Ups
Jacky Tang with HERO Beat

Table 6:
Alfred Naccarato with Dino Rabbit
Michael Dwyer with Elemental HEROes

Table 7:
Anthony Ruiz with Elemental HEROes feat. Bubbleman
Michael Bennet with Wind-Ups

Table 8:
Calvin Tahan with Dark World
Ryan Low with Dino Rabbit

Table 9:
Daniel Rose with Dino Rabbit
Andrew Sicard with Mystic Piper

Table 10:
Richard Silverberg with Dino Rabbit
Sean Murphy with Psychic Nordics

At this sampling of tables, there are four HERO Duelists, four Dino Rabbits, and four Wind-Ups!  But the day is young, and YCS Toronto is continuing to evolve.  We’ll be back in another two rounds for a top table update, to show you the changing landscape at this event.