Round 9 Top Table Update

September 23rd, 2012

Here’s what’s going on at the top tables as we begin Day 2! Any of these Duelists have a great shot at finishing in the Top 32 today.

Table 1: Steffon Bizzell (Chaos Dragon) vs Alexander Reed (Chaos Dragon)
Table 2: Anthony Eckroth (Wind-Up) vs David Elliott (Wind-Up)
Table 3: Marjanco Gorgievski (Machina Geargia) vs Nathan Steadman (Machina Geargia)
Table 4: Parker Roberson (Hieratic) vs Joshua Bequette (Machina Gadget)
Table 5: Joseph Flavin (HERO) vs Brenden Beckmann (Machina Geartown)
Table 6: James Kenzie (Chaos Dragon) vs Michael Pramawat (Dark World)
Table 7: Andrew Perez (Wind-Up) vs Robbie Kohl (Machina Gadget)
Table 8: Justin Baine (Dino Rabbit) vs Daniel McNally (Wind-Up)
Table 9: Theodore Davis (Wind-Up) vs Junior Dorcin (Six Samurai)
Table 10: Jeremy Gosnell (Chaos Dragon) vs Billy Brake (Inzektor)